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  1. Yeah that post implying he grew up on the low end caught my eye too. Earl may have not been super wealthy but he and his family were super secure with military pension/benefits plus the post military job.
  2. Yeap. Pay a lot of dough and then they send ya off to advertise for them even after the warranty expires.
  3. Nice to see another GI iron that doesn't have cartoonish graphics on the back side.
  4. Reminds me of Michael Caine in De Palma's Dressed to Kill.
  5. I remember caddying in the 2004 Las Vegas and Mickelson was either leading or within a shot or so. Third round Saturday, Mickelson WD's and everyone was wondering what the heck. Rumor I heard is he was gambling all night and was simply tired etc.. Who knows... Incidentally, that tournament a very young Chez Reavie was in the lead heading into the weekend. Of those who made the cut Reavie finished last. I was caddying for an amateur in his group on Saturday. Cameras everywhere, sizable crowd on the front nine but his game was imploding. By the back nine the cameras h
  6. Could care less about scrolling. Show me pics of clubs at address (more clubs than just the 6 or7 iron etc..) and I'm impressed. I believe Srixon's latest irons show all the irons in address position. I'd be happy if they just showed 7 iron and wedge in address position. Amazing to me how many manufacturers websites do not show the wedge which, for me anyway, can be a deal breaker. Mizuno for instance, at least in the past has put out PW's that look, well, kinda odd in relation to the rest of the set.
  7. Probably got even stranger looks when ya took the sharpie to their wood floors.
  8. I played the i200's for prob just shy of 10 rounds and sold them off quickly so that was probably around 2017 . I just never liked the way they felt. You used the term 'firm' and I guess I can relate to that. Don't recall getting that feeling of, 'oh wow that felt flush' when I struck the i200's well. i210s I DO get that 'flush feeling' when struck well. I received my i210's a few weeks ago and have been able to get in 2 rounds so far (dropped a lot of 2nd balls). These have been winter rounds in the high 30's but even so,, I can tell I really, really like these irons. Th
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