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  1. Oh, nice to hear. Whereabouts in USA then?
  2. Ping iron heads are made in the USA? Not China?
  3. You must be a big dude. Whenever I flip someone off I have to run up the nearest tree.
  4. Beautiful clubs and apologies since I have not read entire thread but are those ferrules standard or did you have to order them special? Thanks!
  5. Gamble Sands. Few years ago on beautiful summer day. I'm going into the 18th hole 3 over par so playing pretty darned good being the first time I've seen the course. 18th tee. Rip my drive followed by a solid 3 wood to the left green side bunker leaving me about a 20 yard bunker shot. I proceed to absolutely guillotine blade my wedge, line drive towards some folks having lunch on the patio yelling fore top of my lungs but the ball thankfully stopped short of the folks who barely noticed as they leaned into their sandwiches. I apologetically approached the patio while simul
  6. That red and black dot combo makes me wonder if built for Horschel.
  7. I always get a kick out of those who 'don't get it' when it comes to Wolf Creek. It's a novelty course. If you go in with a high brow Mackenzie Donald Ross Neville Doak expectation then sure, you're gonna go away disappointed. Golf courses are like individuals. Take em for what they are.
  8. In situations like this I ask myself, 'What would Tonya Harding do?'
  9. Lefty from Canada? lol... Yeah.. right...
  10. Would hate to get the lie angle wrong with this model.
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