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  1. You're quite welcome but I was merely repeating what I read on here from another member about stronger epoxy these days. So my light bulb moment from the reading of that thread was probably within a year or so ago. Funny, even though I know irons these days welcome a center strike I'm still stubborn to believe a truly solid shot is closer to the hosel.
  2. Yes absolutely true. I was blown away with the usual Sunday pin all those guys were teeing it up on the left side of the tee. Tiger teed it from left side as well. Made no sense to me.
  3. I have too many sets of irons that I'm looking to sell soon. The Z945's I have will more than likely stay put however. Beautiful irons.
  4. I think the gang from the Jersey Shore provided the wardrobe.
  5. Pics say it all. I mean who the heck wears a mock turtle with a necklace overlay. He's only 1 step above James Caan in the Godfather wearing the 'wifebeater'.
  6. Love watching The Masters but it is 4th on my list of importance concerning the Majors. I do think it's a generational thing. Seems the younger crowd under 40 view The Masters as the 'big one'. British Open all day long is the 'big one' in my book.
  7. Yes. I remember as a kid when I shanked a shot, there was usually some good natured smart alec saying, "gee, that was quite close to a a perfect strike." Stronger adhering epoxy means club manufacturers have been able to redistribute weight throughout the head in ways they could not in the old days.
  8. Was probably a quality of the epoxy of the time issue.
  9. Wonder what Deepak's swing speed is..
  10. Best driver I ever owned during the persimmon era was a Powerbilt Citation with the brass back weight, black insert with real screws. Also had a Powerbilt 5 wood laminated which I remember quite well. Was on the cheaper end of their offerings at the time but I absolutely loved it. The 'screws' on this particular cheaper model if I remember correctly were not screws at all but were sort of like rivets, as if more for show than functionality.
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