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  1. I hear you that, paraphrasing, 'they're forged therefore easily bent", but that's what I find a little unsettling. If you bend a coat hanger back and forth eventually it's gonna weaken/break. Just hate to bend a forged iron unnecessarily.
  2. Enjoyed watching Megan Khang's swing. Great move. Every shot she hit I couldn't help but think of Gene Sarazen. Their follow throughs are very similar.
  3. I just about never tune in to watch coverage of a golf tournament unless it's final round of a major. Today was an exception. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the ladies take on Olympic (which looks great on TV) and before I knew it I had watched the whole darned thing. Again, very rare for me. Look forward to final round tomorrow!
  4. Yeah, that'd be a fun watch.
  5. Thanks. I honestly had no clue, therefore my surprise. This is the first chance I've had to view the tourney since it started yesterday.
  6. Thanks for the response but are rangefinders allowed here then? This question goes out to anyone who may know.
  7. Did I just see Dechambeau looking thru a rangefinder?
  8. Holy cow! I completely forgot about the Club Specials.
  9. Surprised no one has mentioned the MacGregor Tourney. Was a pure mush ball that Nicklaus supposedly played. I always wondered if his particular Tourney's were in actuality, very good golf balls while the Tourney's available to the public were the mush ones. Also, was surprised to read a few references to the Maxfli DDH. I recall liking the surlyn DDH (red) quite a lot, but found the balata (blue I believe) to be too soft. I never much went in for balata balls believing the surlyn balls such the red DDH or Titleist DT's spun plenty and also had the added bonus of lasting mo
  10. Right there with ya. Wish I had made the effort to see them.
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