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  1. Thanks a million for that image in my head before laying down. Gonna have world class nightmares tonight! lol..
  2. Just when I thought I had completely erased Charlie Rose with that black nothingness backdrop from my mind.....
  3. Perhaps, this is evidence he should not have quit smoking.
  4. Just looked at their website. The box they're shipped in have me drooling.
  5. His parents wouldn't let him settle for Parr.
  6. Ordered my i210's 10/15. Received them 1/7. Shafts are stock AWT 2.0
  7. What's he wearing under that shirt? quite bumpy
  8. He should refer everyone to the "F word" South Park episode. Might provide him some cover.
  9. Exactly. Play ready golf. Know basic etiquette and you're welcome to join up with 98 percent of the golfing population. (don't hold me to that 98 number. Merely a guess.)
  10. 3 iron comes in handy when playing tight tree lined courses. If a tee shot goes astray, nice to know I have option to hit/curve low line drive out of trees. I cannot confidently hit low liners with a hybrid. Get me on a more open course though and the 3 iron stays home.
  11. Wilson has been knocking it out of the park since the Model T. Well, off and on anyway.
  12. So you ordered your set mid November then?
  13. Saying no to a Cinderella story is like saying, "Yes, I will take that wooden nickel."
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