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  1. Was always jealous of the guys with real motorcycles. but I promise you we in those days were pretty content with what we did on BMX bikes. Good times!
  2. And yes Touch! Of course great stuff! Thank you for the memories as Hope used to say. Just a brilliant thread!
  3. I remember that lil sucker. That would have been more my speed (I am a lil guy) But those few summers in ND are cherished memories. I got to ride a motorcycle. I got to ride a horse. ( which did not go well) I got a taste of very small town life which again I cherish since I was raised in fairly large towns/cities. AND, I got memories of seeing my Dad relieved to be back home relaxing after many years of dealing with 'Life' in general. I did not know what he was dealing with at the time, but I do now.
  4. Holy cow! That Yamaha cycle takes me back! Used to get dragged around the country in mid 70s (Dad retired from military and divorced his wife/my Mom 1972) towing a 17 foot Airstream. He was letting off steam and we were along for the ride. I would get legit upset he wouldn't let me take my BMX bicycle along. But a few Summers in a row I got to ride a bike just like that Yamaha pictured (my cousins Yamaha). We always made a few week stop at my Dad's hometown. It was in a very small town in North Dakota. I remember being quite proud they let me ride it out to the cemetery on my own to visit my Grandparents graves. The town was so small they could see the cemetery from the kitchen window keeping tabs on me. Weird. The only time I rode a motorcycle (mid 70s) was years before I had drivers license. I look back on those days astonished I was taught, and learned, how to operate the darned thing.
  5. I recall as an 11 year old trying out her incredibly strong grip (used to ride my bike to school yard to hit balls back and forth) although It did not work for me in the end. But just the fact that I remember (around 1976, 77) I was trying her personal 'take' on the grip prompts me to think, "yeah, she made a mark". At least in my mind. She will be missed.
  6. Wow... I could totally see these iBlade heads with some colorful ferrules. GLWS!
  7. Your 'professional coach' sounds like a 'financial adviser' I once had. 32 years old. Soccer player. You should have some innate athletic tendencies. Get a big mirror. Mimic golf classic swing positions from guys like Snead, Hogan, Nicklaus, Watson, etc.. and go from there..
  8. Murph. I generally do not like your posts at all. But this one is spot on! (completely kidding aside from the 'spot on' part)
  9. Yes. The Titleist DT was my 'go to' ball in those days. I wanted to like the balata balls of that era but I just never saw the benefit. I wanted the ball to last more than 5 holes and the surlyn spun plenty with durability to last more than 1 round provided ya didn't hit a cart path.. I remember playing in a high level amateur event back in around 82 or so. On the first green a much longer player than me noticed I was playing a Top Flite and I noticed he was playing a Pinnacle. We both had a laugh because neither of us understood the why balatas were so prevalent. Firm conditions I opted for surlyn wound. Greens receptive, I opted for Top Flites or Pinnacles.
  10. I've been on this site for a bit. Whenever this topic comes up, I'm always surprised that no one mentions the MaxFli DDH. The 'red' DDH surlyn was a great ball.
  11. Not a huge Jackson Browne fan but there are a few of his songs that cannot ever be torn away from my youth.
  12. Elaboration? Sure. Fine. I used to play Gumby back in the day. We're talking big money games. We'd step up on the tee usually at Los Serranos (CA) where big money games are easy to come by. Gumby would 'be all', hey. Steele47, "how bout 20 bucks front, back, full 18 press when P'd!". I'd be all, 'sure you rubbery lil freak! And stay away from my wife!!" Good times! Luckily we're both still teeing it up together twice a week and both have to managed to stay away from my wife... the Gumb's has quite the flop shot.
  13. I sometimes wonder if Gumby was the inspiration for Ping Eye2 irons.
  14. I recently picked one of the Callaway Steelhead remakes from a few years ago. A 4+ wood at 16 degrees which I feel more confident with. I honestly doubt it makes much difference to me except in that it says '16' on the sole. Psychological game this Golf.
  15. I'm betting I'll be alive with a set of Ping i47's in the bag.
  16. I pick Bryson. I forget which tournament it was, most likely one of the majors. But, The Golf Channel was showing him hitting range balls with a few young guys watching him behind the ropes. As he finished, he chatted up the guys with what looked to be a genuine smile, joking around with them in no hurry to get away from them. This image of Bryson has stuck with me. I look forward to see his record as well as how he handles himself during the mid thirty/nearing 40 age range.
  17. Well now you're getting into 'loose impediments' which belongs in the rules/etiquette threads. Please. sTay on topic!
  18. Would a 'toe shank' be called a 'tank'? I agree. But hey, ain't it great we're, 'growing the game'.
  19. Spot on bullet points there.
  20. Yeap. About to stick the clubs in the corner for a few months but also get to dig through the winter garb, rediscovering what great taste I have in sweaters.
  21. Wow! Great pics of clubs at address position. Don't see that often when folks take pics of golf clubs. They'er usually pics of the cavity back and how that will not look good in the bag which of course might affect the launch angle.
  22. Is the fly cut on the Edisto putter on both sides? Left and Right?
  23. Try getting to the US thru the South. I hear it's a 'gimme'.
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