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  1. Custom Epic Flash with GD Tour AD DJ shaft
  2. Hoping this Bettinardi will be a game changer.
  3. Ok this is a man who loves his putter. Even his misses are pure joy. I guess it’s true- the heart wants what the heart wants...
  4. For me, the ER2 was a good putter but not great. I prefer the alignment on the top line only. But these guys seem to love it: https://Not allowed because of spam.com/2017-evnroll-putter-test/
  5. Get a custom putter fitting, take the specs to the Toulon Garage and build yourself a badass putter. If you can’t putt with this thing, at least you know it’s 100% not the putter’s fault. And then take lessons with your beautiful new putter.
  6. Portland and Atlanta in the Garage now.
  7. TaylorMade M2 Hybrids- best hybrids I’ve ever had.
  8. I’m right handed left eye dominant and putt best with a full offset plumbers neck with sight line on the top line only. I can’t seem to aim as well with less offset or center shafted putters. And definitely don’t like sight lines on flange. I’m ok with no sight lines at all, but prefer line on top line.
  9. Toulon Long Island. If you order it from the Garage you can get it with a plumbers neck instead of the flow neck.
  10. Cameron Notchback or similar has very little toe hang.
  11. I would ask around and find out who is looking to purchase a custom Toulon and agree to sell it to them for a discount with your deal. But that would require trust from both parties, so that might not be an option. Guess we’re back to what’s the most popular Toulon model. I’m guessing San Diego cause I got one. Plus they advertise it as the most popular model on Tour.
  12. I play 19 & 22 hybrids. That’s a good 15 yard gap for me, which works well.
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