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  1. I'm a bit more consistent with this combo- (XF/Diamana vs G400Max/KuroKage), and for me, just a tad longer (measuring based on 2nd shot on home course, not Trackman or somesuch). But the feel at impact is very different- the XF has the 'softest' feel at impact, and the sound is a lot more muted than the PING.
  2. I bought the Gen2 0811 XF toward the end of the sale last season ($225 with the Diamana 60). I’m generally a die hard PING “driver-head” (G2/5/20/30/G/400/400Max LOL) the XF is among the most consistently long heads I’ve used. The feeling at impact is so soft and muted yet I’m still surprised by the distance. Glad it’s working for you.
  3. Used it. Thank you! Hope you get some great golf karma!
  4. What size Claw Glove would you like to win? Medium-Large What is your current golf glove? TaylorMade How often do you replace your current glove? Once a month What would you want to improve with your current golf glove? Durability and traction when sweaty
  5. It's funny how most people on here claim to hit it 400 yards, need XX stiff shafts, tour only putters, but are all dead broke when it comes to buying things listed on the BST. Found it's not really worth the trouble of listing everything, i'll only put stuff on BST if I have downtime at work. Best post in this thread!
  6. Where are you in the Midwest? I haven't returned the bags to Costco yet and I'd meet or send one at cost. Good on you man- I just did the same with another WRX'er - let's pass this around as opposed to trying to make a few bucks on Ebay, CL or the BST.
  7. Please PM rather than replying to this thread for fastest response. All prices include Paypal and shipping. PING Anser Ti 3 putter. 34". These are the Titanium hosel putters with milled faces. Full disclosure: I bought it from a WRX'er who had milled a sightline on the top flange. I filled it in with Testor white paint. See pics for condition. Lead tape on sole (bought this way, didnt remove it since it felt good noting early PING clubheads were on the light side). Total club weight is 496g, so I think the clubhead is around 345g with the Pingman blackout grip. No headcover but will ship with a serviceable velcro putter cover. SOLD. Sun Mountain SLX bag. SOLD Sun Mountain Four-5 bag, SOLD. Anser Ti3: Sun-Mountain SLX: Sun Mountain Four5:
  8. Received my 14-way cart bag today. Superb quality and stupid good deal.
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