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  1. Agree have an old sonartec 2 iron md equivalent I regripped it an put it back in the bag this winter, just brutal into the wind I can get it to go about 10 feet in the air with a dead ball flight like a football kicked with your toes. High tariff club if your hungover though .....!
  2. “It’s normally the reverse” no idea where all good came from...
  3. Salt air round here has not been kind to the looks but this old bird and I have been to war together, never let me down, it’s all good normally the reverse... will be in my bag until I drop..
  4. Scotty Newport oil can 34" full cord grip. I live by the sea and the salt air has corroded the finish over the years until I have something unique to me and still feels like an extension of my arms when I hit a putt. It will pulled out of my cold dead fingers when the put the screws into the coffin top
  5. Jack drove through the back of the 18th at St. Andrews in 1970 with a persimmon. If the collar of rough has not stopped the ball it would have gone 20 yards further, that tee has not changed but even today it is quite rare to see that green driven. Of course we are talking about a 30 year old Nicklaus who I think if he was about today would still dominate the rest.
  6. Well gentlemen I have never seen a bluffer like Patrick.. If he really doesn't care his attitude and golf are the best act I have ever seen. He is the best you have a marvel...
  7. Yep Rickie is not your axe murderer.. The subject of this thread most certainly is, Give him mcilroy last ball out in the singles on Sunday when it's all tied. I can't wait. he is the definition of what you have lost,Lee Trevino ,Ray floyd , Lanny Wadkins ,Paul Azinger Tom kite,Payne Stewart. He will try his a** off to make USA victory Unfortunately for him i am utterly certain he will fail........
  8. European Ryder cup fan here.. The American team were disinterested and disheartened in 2014. Patrick and Jordan lay waste to our lot to the tune of 2.5 points out of 3 (despite being dropped on the first day afternoon!!!) Patrick goes out second for the singles after speith with early points vital (despite being the two youngest players on the team WTF Tom?) and sticks a one up win on the board against stenson who was 3/0 for the week in one of the most viciously brilliant Ryder cup singles I will ever see. Treasure him ..he's a winner the only USA player after that match I wished was European .
  9. This poster makes sensible points.. Burn the heretic!!!
  10. Yea.. White drivers, WTF... I first saw Ian Poulter using one while sporting ridiculous strides and that was it for me , I started to think western civilisation was crumbling...
  11. Taylormade R15 driver, the ball goes a mile but has the feel and feedback of a steel girder. I kept checking the face had not cracked after some shots so hard was the feel of the ball off the face. Love the feel of the titleist drivers but they spin like a top for me. Just drop out of the sky post apex. Tried lots of different shafts to no avail.
  12. Does WRX have a new policy, that after 10 posts you get appointed as a Moderator? Does WRX have a new policy which makes you in control after how many posts you are allowed an opinion? It's just dull going over the same old crap. My point was to the original poster was that there are plenty of threads already linked to which could help him/her form an opinion. You don't address that in your post can I ask you if you have any opinion on the original posters question?
  13. Lads..enough ...we have so been here before...it's not worth the effort. Close the thread the opening poster has the opportunity to look at the links above and make their own mind up.
  14. Anybody here had lessons off Joseph? He's coming to the UK in August and I was thinking about getting some lessons with him. I follow his Twitter and I find his content very interesting Would love to hear from anyone who's had lessons with him Not again Please make it stop........
  15. It's a fair question, it misses the point of the man though and I genuinely have wasted my best youthful years myself trying to copy what he did in his swing He is my sporting hero, forget the rest He the is reason a lot of my friends and I wanted to learn the game I was a soccer fan until I seen him win at St. Andrews His method was self taught and based on extraordinary athletic ability.. Its easy to forget what a long hitter he was considered to be in his youth, but combined with an ability around the greens that made getting yourself out of jail by successfully being a smartass from 40 yards in the cabbage the coolest thing you could do.. Running around Concorde after losing the Ryder cup in 1983 (after bluffing even paul way he was a world beater!!!).and convincing everyone that it was a done deal at the belfry 2 years later....it was.. Oh yes ... Single handed ensuring European tour players had equal rights on the PGA tour at substantial economic and professional cost to himself. So to hell with the swing, check out the man. What a man!! May God rest him
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