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  1. Does any other factor influence your irrational hatred of Bandon Trails? Did you , like , lose a match play to a double digit handicapper or something? Please explain further.
  2. I was lured into subscribing into The Golfers Journal by a guy who gave me a referral code who promised me I would get free Linksoul cash forever if I signed up. What should I do? Sue? Or simply resort to belittling him online or go all the way the physical confrontation?
  3. I particularly like the quote from the Main Room Section: “It’s close to everything. The dining room. The library. My grandchildren. The friendly staff. The store. And the Ice machine.” – Barbara M. of Arlington, VA Imagine! An Ice Machine! What will they think of next!
  4. This had better not coincide with date of "The ORIGINAL Unofficial Hive Event at Royal New Kent- The Mike Strantz Experience- Because we got rained out this spring its going to be back on and even better and way better than some rinky-dink skins game at some par 3 in some godforsaken corner of Virginia"- date TBD. AltSean RNK plays 6200-6700 yards- you may need new clubs.
  5. I know, can't you just picture it? Lil' AltSean Jr gets a rental Fisher-Price plastic driver, wallops a TopFlite XL 3000 with 2 scuff marks to 5 feet on the Postage Stamp hole, drains the putt and runs off to chase butterflies. Meanwhile AltSean is well into his 2 1/2 minute PSR, checks his GPS Garmin again for yardage, checks the wind, and still comes up 20 yards short...
  6. 9 Holes??? Par 34???? 2800 yards???? How you gonna beat me playing that kind of course??? You need practice on a REAL course.
  7. In a sign of progress, I am happy to report that the Amber Ox now provides you a carafe of water to refill those very same 3 0z water glasses they gave you- so you are constantly grabbing this glass bottle slick with condensation as you fill up your tiny glass for the 12th time.
  8. Its MIGHT have been house made whipped butter- it went first off the board for sure. I was on vacation- let those arteries harden! Funny thing about the marmalade- it came in a little cube on this cutting board. Did you ever see "Life" with Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhall? There was this small alien they're trying to kill and it keeps slipping away? That was the marmalade. My wife and I kept trying to stab it with a knife and fork and it kept sliding away like a hockey puck on ice. We both got a miniscule amount on the biscuits, but the microscopic taste confirmed it was great. Also, the Maitre'ds handlebar mustache is not to be missed. Its perfect.
  9. Sadly no. Wife and I expanded our horizons and hit two new places. Normally I think of Williamsburg as a sea of chain restaurants, a couple of those colonial taverns, and Pierce's. We did hit the Cheese Shop in Merchant's Square for lunch the first day (Friday) then did Second Street Bistro that night. HIGHLY RECOMMEND. Upscale American Eats, Top 5 burger I ever had- with great cocktails- especially Mojitos. Then we hit Amber Ox Brewery in Merchants Square the next night- over the top hipster place, but great food- beer is so-so. They do a biscuit board appetizer with whipped butter and house made marmalade and jelly- its a must have. Kitchen was backed up at Amber Ox and took a while, but they put me in front of a 50" TV with the Charles Schwab on so I was perfectly content.
  10. Field Report: Royal New Kent and Golden Horseshoe - Green After monitoring the weather most of the week, I had to cancel the ORIGINAL Unofficial Hive Event at Royal New Kent on Thursday Afternoon. I just couldn't see making the day trippers travel 3 hours down in the rain, play 36, then travel 3 hours back in what was forecasted to be an all day rain. Its possible that the Golf Gods were angry that another unnamed IMITATION Unofficial Hive Event stole the good weather for May, but that is pure speculation. So that left the 3 morons who booked hotels: Me, @aiyyer and @bandondunes54. As it was too late to cancel, we decided than rain be damned, we were going to tee it up! *I'm severely allergic to lightning though, so if it was bad I was out of there. Pull in the parking lot and see BandonDunes, along with 3 guys from Gaithersburg who looked as glum as anyone I ever see play golf. It was looking rather bleak. The view of the 18th at RNK from Clubhouse. Did get to meet this little fella on the putting green: So we follow the Gaithersburg guys out. In order to keep everyone's interest I propose a 25 cent Nines/Baseball game. "How do you play that?" - Aiyyer OCGolfRick: I have to say the first 9 holes of RNK is fantastic and as strong as anything at Tobacco Road. The back 9 does get a little weaker with some throwaway holes, but some memorable ones in there too. I would still put Tobacco Road above RNK, but the gap is very slight. Thanks to my ability to manipulate the rules of Nines in my favor, I mean, score well at a difficult golf course I was able to take $4 off BandonDunes and $4.50 off Aiyyer- who was then stupid enough to have a $5 chipoff on the 10th green while waiting for Team Chen to join off, which I also won. Team Chen did indeed drive down and join us on the 10th. Both played very solid in the drizzle and rain showers. Funny moment on the 17th: OCGolfRick: (Bombs drive) Everyone: Great drive OCGolfRick! Best of the day! BandonDunes: Cranks it past me, no surprise DaveChen2.0- Cranks it past as he should Aiyyer: Pops Geritol , pops it out past me. Dave Chen: Bombs it past me! OCGolfRick: I felt kinda bad when the Chens wanted to play the first 9, but there was a lightning strike while we ate lunch and I was just wiped. Sorry fellas. Aiyyer was brave and played on my behalf. Next day we play Golden Horseshoe Green for $59. Aiyyer kinda set the bar of expectations low, and it does start off rather boring, but a cool selection of Par 3's and 5's made it really worth it. I enjoyed it immensely. Anyway, for a cancelled event and playing in the rain, I had a great time and had a good hang with Aiyyer and BandonDunes54. And it only cost me about $300 in spa treatments for the wife!
  11. In March, we asked @ALTSean about the possibility of getting on the Naval Academy course. For those that don't know it just went through an extensive renovation. Here's the link to the website with a fairly innovative course tour section: https://usnagolf.com/the-course/#top "Of course, no sweat! I stalk the corridors of power on a weekly basis! How hard could it be to get a tee time there??" AltSean replied. (Saturday Morning Text Message from AltSean): "Yeah....naw." Luckily we had a backup plan: Prospect Bay Golf Course in Grasonville, Maryland. Just off Kent Island, it was about equidistant for both AltSean and us- and of course we saved the $2.50 Bay Bridge Toll by having him cross to us We were warned in advance that they had aerated the greens, but most courses in the area had as well so we went with it. We replayed our same match from Newport Bay, $5 6-6-6 format. We rejected AltSean's suggestion to play two 9 hole match play matches on the front, with the winners playing a 9 hole match on the back 9 and the two losers playing a match for 3rd place, on the basis that it was a really stupid idea. MeatMike1.0 and me vs. @OCCantChip and AltSean on the front 9. I help MeatMike1.0 tremendously on the first two holes by 3 jacking them. Luckily he pushes both. The 3rd is won by a birdie by yours truly. MeatMike1.0 wins the 4th with the lone par. OCCantChip wins the 5th and we go into 6 with a 1up lead. OCCantChip decides this would be a fine time to explore what is on the other side of the Out of Bounds fence on the right. AltSean pipes one left center of the fairway. MeatMike1.0 finds the trees on the right as well, and I put mine just a few yards behind AltSean. I land just short of the green on my approach, and AltSean lands his just a touch long. I chip to about six feet and him to three. As he starts crowing over my putting ability, I settle in, stroke the putt, and swivel my head to see his reaction as it drops for par to halve the hole and preserve the 1up victory. Now its AltSean and me vs OcCantChip and MeatMike1.0. AltSean and I lose the first two holes, but we both par #9 to their bogeys to get back to 1 down. AltSean tied OCCantChip on #10, and then AltSean and I both make pars again vs their bogets on #11 to square the match. AltSean then stroked a putt in on the par 3 12th to give us a 1up victory. Now its Me and OCCantChip. A brief history: During the last 6-6-6 match we played against them at Newport Bay- our HOME F'ING COURSE BTW- OCCantChip and I failed to win or tie a single hole. We lost 6 STRAIGHT holes. We vowed not to let that happen again! We lose the first two holes. We come to the par 3 15th. A green split by a marsh allowing for unique pin placements. Today's placement was on the lower half. Yours truly was the only one who clubbed enough to end up left of the green and get up and down for par. The 8 hole losing streak ended right here. AltSean converted a lengthy par putt on the 16th stealing a rightful win for my easy two putt so we remain 1 down going into #17. AltSean, starting to feel the pressure, slices right into a large tree on #17 and is forced to take a drop. MeatMike1.0 mishits his drive and doesn't get on in two, leaving OCCantChip to turn the 408 yard par 4 into the wind into a pitch and putt hitting his 140 yard iron in and two putting for par, Match even going into 18. Both OCCantChip crush drives down the middle. MeatMike1.0 finds the trees left and will be forced to punch out. AltSean, now sporting a sheen of sweat on his forehead and flushed from exertion, compresses his normal 90 second PSR down to 15 seconds and does this: Yes, he hit THE SAME TREE from the previous hole. Just this time on the other side, "But wait, OCGolfRick, wasn't that tree on the 17th hole? I mean, isn't that the 17th fairway?" Yes, Yes it is. He does hit a miraculous recovery through the trees. OCCantChip and I hit our seconds and they are on their thirds. We're feeling good. I pump my 3rd on long to make sure to avoid the water and try to limp in for the victory. OCCantChip draws a tough lie in the rough- downhill with thickness that he blades into the water. I'm still in great shape with MeatMike and AltSean to hit on. MeatMike1.0 grabs wedge and... hits it to 1 foot. OCCantChip makes him putt it. Its good. I settle myself, stroke the putt, and..run it 12 feet by. And miss the comebacker. We lose again. Financial totals over 2 rounds of 6-6-6: AltSean: +$10 MeatMike1.0: +$10 OCGolfRick: +$10 OCCantChip: -$30 So I can't be that upset over missing that last putt. Well, maybe a little. Prospect Bay was a fun layout if a little benign. Great course for a fun match like this. Very few Bay views at all. Very good shape overall with the exception of the aerated greens which still putted very fast and a few wet spots in fairways. Fantastic clubhouse and great bar scene and food. Try the Cuban Egg Rolls! Zinger of the match: AltSean after punching out from the tree on 18. " That's the best I could do with that." OCCantChip :"For your game, yes."
  12. The following is a guest post by our good friend BethesdaRick. 'Lo there peasantry! Just making one of my checkins on you folks. I was just telling some of my friends at the country club some of your hijinks! "And a lot of them joined Argyle because its a "step up" for them!" My Silver Spoon set friends: But I digress, let's bring the focus back where it belongs: me. As the weather got a little cool there a week ago, my son asked if we could take a short golf trip to Florida. I obliged of course, as I had a NetJets gift card given to me by the wife. I should get my own G5, but I have so many friends that have one and let me use theirs that it seems unnecessary to have my own. This NetJets thing seems like a healthy first step to owning my own though. What really surprised me was when my son asked to play some "common man" courses. I said I had rounds booked at Bay Hill and Seminole. He stated he has to deal with the lower orders at some point or another, so why not start now? Wise beyond his years, that boy. So again I indulged him. We booked The Reserve at Orange Lake, which unbelievably is a Holiday Inn timeshare property. It has its own waterpark, shopping area, and 3 golf courses that are open to the public. Kinda nice for the working class. Amazingly well kept shape, but your basic Florida resort course. We then had an off day where I took him to Animal Kingdom, with a guide and express pass where we went straight to the front of every line. That Avatar ride is great! Even better is the look on people's faces as you whizz by them to the front of the line while they wait 3 hours. As we rode it 4 times in a row, we got to go past the same people waiting every time! You should have seen the looks on their faces! (chuckle) And little known fact, you CAN ride the giraffes if you pay enough money to Disney. We played White Heron next- used to be called Ridgewood Lakes. This has been purchased by new owners who have dumped a lot of money into conditioning the course, but made some odd design changes. The 8th is a Par 5 of just over 400 yards. Then the 9th hole, which was a replica of the 18th at Sawgrass, was shortened to a 230 yard driveable par 4, with the rest of the hole made into a practice area. Just not ideal. Great shape, lots of water carries. Took another off day and did Universal again with a guide and express pass. Fantastic! My kid is a Harry Potter fan. As a special treat, I flew in Daniel Radcliffe to ride with my boy on the Gringotts Bank ride! What fun! Last day was more my speed. We hit ChampionsGate Country Club, which is slated to go private as soon as they have enough members. I thought about joining, but without caddies yet they won't see another dime of my money. Great layout for Florida, some unique bunkering. Best shape of any Florida course I have been at. Tata for now folks! See you next time!
  13. Did the ranger warn you at the turn if you were one minute behind?
  14. Every great partnership has a "big ideas" guy and a guy who actually handles all the details. Sherlock Holmes had Watson. Washington had Jefferson. Stalin had Trotsky. And now I- I have @Sterling_247. The Big Idea: Let's have a Hive Event at Royal New Kent. Heck, let's make it 36 holes. Let's get crazy and have an option to play another Strantz design- Stonehouse the next day. And to top it all of, let's try to do that drafting of partners we always talk about- make somebody get that "Fat Kid picked last for kickball" treatment. @Sterling_247: OkeyDokey. So OcGolfRick and Sterling247 are proud to bring you: The Mike Strantz Experience. 36 holes Saturday May 29th 20 spots available Bonus Sunday Round at Stonehouse May 30th 8 spots available. Signups available now! Details on the page. Anything else ask away! https://sites.google.com/view/thehivegolfclub/unofficial-event-rnk?authuser=0
  15. MeatMike 1.0 texted me late Saturday night to see if I would be interested playing Sunday, but I told him to give me to the AM to look at conditions. I wake up, eat breakfast, walk outside in my front yard and sink a half inch. There is just nowhere left for the water to go at least here on the Lower Shore. Everything is just so saturated. No, I did not play. I have excelled in one department over the soaking wet February- weight gain.
  16. Scene: Bandon Dunes Practice area. Sunday, November 7th 2021. 4:05 pm. Grant Rogers hit yet another 20 yard pitch a foot from the hole and wondered where his 4pm lesson was. He didn't like to be kept waiting. The Wizard of Bandon Dunes waited for no one. A roaring engine and the squeal of tires pulling into the lot made him look up. A Toyota RAV4 with the Hertz sticker had pulled in and the driver had his door open and was now running towards him. "You Grant?" panted the driver. "I'm here for the lesson." Grant looked at the driver, then back at the rental vehicle. Mud covered the hood, and now the passenger door opened, and a bespectacled nerdy looking guy staggered out, and then he assisted an elderly Indian man in the backseat. "I woulda been here sooner, if it wasn't for those two! They wanted to stop!" said the driver. "By the way, I'm AltSean. Nice to meet you, Mr. Rogers." "We just wanted to pee!" yelled the nerdy guy at AltSean. AltSean shook his head and looked at Grant. "Can you believe I came here with these losers? We're guys for crying out loud! I mean, we didn't have any Gatorade bottles or nothing, but its not even our vehicle, just pee on the floor, amirite?" Grant looked aghast, as he looked back at the vehicle where the nerdy guy was embracing the elderly Indian man, who was crying and shaking. "Are they going to be ok?" asked Grant. AltSean waved his hand. " Oh yeah, they're just pissed off. Total losers. Acted like they had never driven 125mph before. And I had to leave one of them behind at Eugene. Can you believe he had the nerve to want to go to Baggage claim?" Grant looked back at the vehicle, where the Indian man sat on the grass in a daze. The nerdy guy had regained his composure. "I'm going back to Eugene for Ahoop!" he called. "PFFFFTTT! Let him figure it out!" yelled AltSean. "He can Uber!" The nerdy fellow pulled out of the parking spot, rolling his window down and extending his middle finger at AltSean. "We're coming back!!! This isn't over!!!" he yelled. "Whatever! See ya Roomie!" Altsean yelled back. Grant was dumbfounded. He had never seen the like before. He watched the Rav4 pull out of the lot, and a pair of fingers snapped in front of his face. "Yo, we doing this, let's go, we're losing the light here!" "Uh, sure. Um, where are your clubs?" Grant asked. "Never mind that, probably in the lodge, I used ShipSticks. I'll just use yours," grabbing the wedge out of Grant's hands. "Now listen, I wanna break 75 every round out here- and I want to learn how you hit that 195 yard bunt driver that goes dead straight under the wind. We've got 23 minutes left and I ain't paying extra."
  17. When you find out that @ALTSean actually did book that short game lesson with the Wizard of Bandon Dunes immediately after flying cross country on 2 flights with a 2 1/2 hour drive:
  18. I see a lot of these at my workplace, and the contractors swear by them. Its a fairly large battery though. https://www.milwaukeetool.com/Products/Work-Gear/Axis-Layering-System/303-20
  19. Field Report: 2nd Swing Wilmington DE After Christmas, my son uttered the words that every 90's shooter golfer longs to hear out of his progeny, in the hopes that they can live vicariously through them: "Dad, I want to try out for the golf team next year." Two comparisons sprung to mind: 1. Like @ALTSean betting on squirrels, this was going to cost me some money. 2. Like @eagle1997 during a six hour round of golf with a full bottle of whiskey, I couldn't have been happier. If you haven't looked at the 2nd swing site for fittings, its really neat. Its got photos of the fitters, a short bio, and a schedule as to when you can go for the different fittings. As my son had been playing up till now with a selection of my old hybrids, my wife's woods, a set of cut down Nike SQ's , and a putter that sold for a cool $5 at a yard sale, I chose the full bag fitting. I chose the youngest fitter in the hopes of relating to my son's goals. I also chose Wilmington over Columbia for 2 reasons- 1. Its a little closer- made it from my house to Wilmington in 2 hours. 2. I'm cheap and saved 6% sales tax. We pull up and unload his clubs and head in. They're doing a great job with the COVID at Wilmington- full table of sanitizers and masks if you need one, staffer at the door, and the demo bays are closed. Of course I HAD to show my son the hats and gloves section. When he asked why that was important, I said it was hugely important- some people go to 2nd Swing and only report back that they have those. @Fort11. We meet our fitter Tyler Fuhrman. Great guy, aspiring pro. My son was nervous, but he put him at ease- totally positive the whole time. If my son dribbled one, he'd go "Watch This, I have a delete button!" We did irons first, and wow, what a difference a fitting made on those. Like his father, my son has a tendency to pull it left. With a longer shaft, a flatter bend of the irons and a swing adjustment by Tyler, we got a used Callaway Rogue X set with XP 95 shafts that was producing this: Driver fitting wasn't going as well. He was making drives that really weren't any better than what he had (Ping G30 R flex). When Tyler said," You're doing fine with what you got, no need to buy anything," it was music to my ears. Woods and hybrid fitting also ended up in Callaway Rogue- and he hit lots of Ping and Taylormade options- but the Rogue won out. Putter fitting was really cool. My son made a few putts with his old one, Tyler took some measurements, and went into the putting area. He comes back with a Ping Sigma 2 and hands it to him. "This is your putter" he says. And he was right! He rolled 5 others, but the Ping Sigma 2 was far and away his best. My son LOVED the whole experience. Tyler was great and explaining what he was doing, and took him through the charts as to how he was fitting him. He kept telling him that if it didn't work for him on the course, come on back and return it- 45 days full refund. Fitting went over 2 hours, but it flew by. My son then Facetimed his golfing buddies, going around the store giving them a tour. A solid A+ day, and I highly recommend Tyler if you are looking to travel and get a great fitting. Oh, and that entire bag of crap I turned in- I added a old Ping G10 driver and a Ping 4 Crossover to the bag- and they gave us $372 towards trade in! So we got out both days this weekend in the slop. Just a quick 4 holes on Saturday and a full 18 on Sunday. I told him not to expect too much with new clubs, but he really turned it on the back of Seaside playing with me and MeatMike 1.0 on Sunday- 3 pars, 3 bogeys, 3 doubles. Getting there! PS It is not my fault he is a Steeler Fan. His nursery school teacher indoctrinated the entire class she had. That's how they spread, like a virus.
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