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  1. Good luck! His inventory changes daily, so keep checking back, if he doesn't have one to your liking at the moment. It's almost better to buy a refurbished one that has already been broken in, and serviced, than a brand new one from the factory. He's also the authorized repair agent for MGI in the U.S..
  2. The current resale value is at least $1300, which is the lowest price CostCo has ever sold them at online. I would recommend calling https://kaddymart.com in Oceanside and buying a lightly used CostCo return from him. When the spousal acceptance factor vetoes ownership, many are returned to CostCo unused! He gets all the CostCo returns and restores them to like new status and sells them for between $1200 and $1300 with a 1 year warranty. Lots of happy customers have recommended him in the CostCo reviews and here.
  3. Score! Looks like Palm Desert store manager further lowered the price to $850.00 on the very day you were there, while the $999.97 price started on November 22nd. Must have discovered some extra ones that weren't on the original store inventory! Usually, the manager's specials end in 97 cents. Wonder what the 00 cents signifies with EPC next to it!
  4. Yeah, manual says 100 yards, but it is at least 250 yards with a fully charged remote!
  5. According to page 16, section 7.7 Remote Range and Safety Tips, of the User Manual (Version 3.0), the cart continues traveling for 5 seconds, and then stops. Lots can happen in 5 seconds at full speed. At a mere 7mph, in 5 seconds, the cart will travel an additional 51 feet before stopping! I suspect the 5 second delay is because signal could be momentarily interrupted for a variety of innocuous reasons, such as a temporary signal obstruction, but after 5 seconds, it is presumed to be out of range, or the remote battery has died, and the cart needs an automatic safety stop. If last moving under manual control, even if out of signal range of the remote, it never stops! Range is supposed to be 100 yards, but mine is well over 250 yards, established by sending it out down the fairway after teeing off, and remaining at the tee box. Never risked taking it out farther than 250 yards because of the risks of encountering hazards (fairway bunkers, green side bunkers, or ponds) during the 5 additional seconds of travel, after it actually finally loses contact, and I still need one of the clubs in the bag for my approach shot, when I get to my ball! True range on a fully charged remote is likely 300-400 yards! Drone laws require VLOS. I can't reliably see hazards beyond 250 yards any way!
  6. I drove up and picked up two for myself around 5:30pm, leaving three, including the display. Couldn't fit any more into the car! Thanks to @Walt190for sharing the wealth! 264 miles round trip! Saved $1200 plus tax over the online price!
  7. Called CostCo and La Quinta is the only one that has any left and still has them clearanced priced. They need the floor space and they weren't moving! Online prices are unchanged, as they have plenty of storage space! You scored!
  8. Did it include all the accessories, like the seat, water bottle holder, and scorecard holder? Those certainly aren't worth more than $100, even if it didn't!
  9. That is definitely a store clearance, with the 97 cents at the end, and a great deal. That's also the same SKU number as the $1599 online version with all the accessories. Likely limited to stock on hand. Most CostCo's don't carry them in the store. Worth a trip to Palm Desert or La Quinta CA, if they aren't already all gone! MGI Zip Navigator AT, All Terrain Electric Golf Cart Bundle Item 1362627
  10. Prices on all CostCo clearance items end in 97 cents. Surprised the Navigator AT is being "clearanced out," even by an individual CostCo store. In the past, they have been on sale for 24 hours for $300 off the $1599 regular price, and only on a select few days a year! Still $1599 online.
  11. No, the 5# dive weight in the front acts as a counterweight, to move the center of gravity forward, offsetting the top heavy irons at the rear, leading to fewer rear tip overs when climbing hills.
  12. For those of you holding your breath on an Android version, in my own experience, the Android versions of any iPhone/iPad app rarely are as good as the iPhone/iPad version. The Android versions usually are a dumbed down version, missing many of the capabilities of the iPhone/iPad app, and are never quite as slick or as user friendly. There is no single Android standard, like there is for iPhone/iPad, so when an Android version is available, it still may not run on YOUR Android device, or with all the functionality. I say this coming from a Windows PC, and a Samsung Note 2 smartphone, after having also purchased an iPad last year. All my Android apps which have iPhone/iPad app versions are all so much better on an iPad. They work the way I WANTED the Android versions to work. I am using my SwingPro on my iPad with the iPhone app, and it works great, and the 4x larger screen over the iPhone makes the display very easy to read! Consider getting a cellular version of the iPad, without a data plan, if you want the built-in GPS chip for navigation or golf GPS apps like GolfLogix. There is no GPS in a WiFi only iPad. Personally, I have one of each. I like the iPad so much I had to buy a second one! So, if you have an Android phone, and want to know what you are missing, just get an iPad without a data contract, to supplement your Android phone, and you'll never look back!
  13. [quote name='"GIMP"' timestamp='1372731715' post='7367762'] SunofGold: glad you got the answer. Skyhawke is the parent company name. I apologize to the forum, but I do not want to let this service issue just die. The support service line is very slow in responding. Anyone telling me different is a shill of the company. I have called numerous time and get the same message on the phone line greeting. Completely bogus. I have used the chat line. This is a joke. Located somewhere offshore. India or the Phillipines and they know very little or nothing about what is being requested...except for simple stuff like how to turn it on. I do not want to start a shouting match with anyone...and will not...but do not try and make silk out of the old sows ear!!! [/quote] While I agree with most of your concerns about SkyHawke/SkyGolf as a whole, and the horrible online foreign chat support, please be advised that Gord and his SkyPro team operate very differently.. They are responsive, honest, sincere, and truly interested in getting everything right, and are incorporating our input and feedback into making the hardware and the app the best that it can be. I trust them. I can't say the same thing about SkyHawke/SkyGolf. I swore I would never buy another SkyGolf product, after 3 years of broken promises from SkyGolf over the SGX. However, based solely upon Gord's responsiveness on this forum, I bought a SkyPro, knowing it is a work in progress, but also knowing I could help guide the development of the product and the app. Gord and his SkyPro team are committed to us! If you have any problems that are not otherwise resolved to your satisfaction, PM Gord directly through this forum, and I am confident he will do everything within his power to make it right, and see to it that you are taken care of, so you, too, can help him make SkyPro the best swing trainer, and then keep on improving on it, so it stays the best swing trainer! Anyone with hardware issues from early units should have them taken care of. I did, and the repair kit I received has resolved my issue for now, with a promise I can trust, that any additional hardware issues will be also taken care of. All future feature enhancements will be in the app and won't need new hardware. App updates can be posted as soon as the App Store releases them. We shouldn't need a SkyPro 2. Gord intends the SkyPro to be made right the first time and has taken appropriate timely action to ensure that! All feedback from the early hardware failures has been used to eliminate future hardware problems, and those users with hardware failures are being taken care of properly through Gord. Now that the hardware is robust, the app development can flourish with our input. Don't let your prior experience with SkyGolf stand in the way of trusting Gord and his team. He operates like SkyGolf used to, back when they created the first non-conforming golf GPS's and finally got it right with the venerable SG2 and changed the game of golf for amateurs. The SG2 is still the best SkyCaddie SkyGolf ever made, and mine is still working on its original battery! Gord is here to create the best swing trainer for us! Give give him the benefit of the doubt. He earns it daily!
  14. [quote name='Chris Peterich' timestamp='1372592807' post='7354744'] That is what I was wondering... So if I calibrate... And go out without iPad , I can register 30 swings? That is very handy.. Getting a lot of info on the 5 th iPad.. Huge changes ahead for the iPad.. Good changes [/quote] Yes, you can leave your overheating iPad at home and still register 30 swings, if you pre-calibrate whatever club you want to use with them! Now, if only those huge changes ahead for the iPad 5th Generation included restoring Google Maps with Street View, still integrated into the iOS... We can dream, can't we? :-)
  15. [quote name='swingnmiss' timestamp='1372565941' post='7354014'] [quote name='gparke' timestamp='1372477678' post='7346128'] Swingnmiss: That's strange. I can't think of anything in the update that could have caused that. We do get bug reports when something like that goes wrong, so if this proves to be a frequent problem we'll fix it. If you're still having problems please try closing the app manually by double clicking the iPhone's home button, holding the SkyPro icon, then tapping the red x bubble. Also please let me know if that happens again. Gord [/quote] Also, I still have the problem I mentioned before where if I am running another app in the foreground skyPro will miss a lot of swings. I was taking video with V1 golf on my phone and took 3 swings. When I switched back into the skyPro app only 1 swing showed up. [/quote] Apparently, the SkyPro app only works reliably when it is the active app in the foreground. I have the same problem, when using the GolfLogix Pro app in the foreground during play (to provide the promised club tracking SkyGolf never delivered on the SGX because GolfLogix owns the patent on it!), while running the SkyPro app in the background, with the SkyPro attached to my driver. It misses a lot of swings in that condition, and will fail to properly transfer swings it does record. I have to turn off the Sky Pro app before my round, use GolfLogix on the course, and then transfer the swings at home, when I relaunch the app (the SkyPro hardware will store up to 30 swings when out of range of the iPad or with the app not loaded, as long as the SkyPro was calibrated on the driver with the app active originally).
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