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  1. Price includes shipping to CONUS only. Tour Issue Mavrik Sub Zero 16.5 4 wood with Tensei Pro White 80 TX. Plays to 43" and is D3 swingweight. Comes with new epic speed fairway cover SOLD Fujikura Ventus Black 6X Pured and untipped with Taylormade adapter. Sold
  2. Looking for a shaft with a Taylormade adapter. Let me know the length and tipping. A few I’m considering are: Tensei Pro White 70 or 80 TX Kuro Kage DC 70 or 80 TX kuro kage xd Diamana ZF But I’m open to other options.
  3. Price includes shipping to CONUS only. 1. Taylormade Sim ti 15 degree 3 wood head with head cover. About 2 grams of hot melt added for sound. Face shows decent amount of wear and there is a small nick in the paint as shown. SOLD 2. Fujikura Pro 2.0 Tour Spec 7x standard taylormade tipping. Slightly over 42.25" and should play 43" in a Taylormade fairway wood $109
  4. 1. City, State? Lewes, DE 2. Handicap? 3 3. Current putter? Center shafted Taylormade spider 4. What Bettinardi Studio Stock putter do you want to test? Studio Stock 28 CTR 5. Are you able to test equipment on a golf course with one week of its receipt? Yes 6. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Yes
  5. Prices include shipping to the CONUS. PM me if you need me to measure head weights. 1. Raw Wedgeworks T grind 58 degree, black onyx s400 shaft. Grooves are in great shape. The member I bought this from said it was 1/4" long and 2 degrees flat. SOLD 2. Tensei AV Raw White 75 TX with taylormade adapter, tipped 1.25" approx 41 7/8" long $130 3. Tour Issue M6 3 wood with specs, head has been hotmelted, this is probably the best sounding 3 wood I have ever hit. No headcover SOLD 4. Tour Issue Sim Max 10.5 degree without specs. There was a shot hit out on the high toe as s
  6. Price includes shipping to CONUS only. Ventus Blue 6X with no tipping, Tour TM adapter and midsize z cord grip. There are a couple very light scratches and a rub mark from the golf bag but they are very minor and purely cosmetic. SOLD
  7. Prices include shipping to CONUS. Would consider trades for Raw Vokey 58 T, Diamana D+ LTD 60 or 70 TX driver shafts at least 44" long 1. 917 F2 15 degree 3 wood head in pretty good shape, just missing some paint in the grooves. SOLD 2. Tensei AV Raw Orange 75 TX with Titleist adapter. Shaft is tipped 1.5" and plays to 43" in titleist fairway wood. Sold 3. Tensei AV Raw Orange 75 TX with no adapter or grip. Shaft is tipped 1" and is 42 7/8" in length. Sold pin 3/8
  8. Price includes shipping to CONUS only. 4-P P730 heads, asking sold
  9. Price includes shipping to CONUS. 1. Tour Issue Tensei Pro Orange 90 TX fairway wood shaft, plays to 42" in an M3 5 wood. Tipped 1.5" and has LH Taylormade adapter. $130 shipped 2. Diamana D+ LTD 80 TX shaft plays 42.5" in M3 3 wood, tipped 1" with 1 degree tour TM adapter SOLD 3. M3 15 degree head. In ok shape, light scratches on the top and in clear coat as I tried to reflect, believe it is a tour head as it sits slightly open in the STD position but I cannot verify if it is for sure. Not sure where to price this SOLD
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