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  1. Anyone still watching baseball lol? There are 4 playoff games on today. Hoping Braves can clinch today. The cardinals are always a tough match. Have had 3 great games so far. Dodgers look like they will overmatch the Nats but man the Nats can catch fire and have pitching. The Astros look amazing all the way around. The Yankees look solid as well. Do they have enough pitching to carry them deeper in these playoffs. I’m rooting for a Braves vs. Yankees World Series. I keep up with both of those teams and think they would match up in a close series. I think the Astros and the Dodgers are the favorites as of right now. As I’m typing this I just checked scores and the Rays are beating the Stro’s 5-1. I don’t think it changes that series outcome but would be fun for it to be close.
  2. > @"Crazy About Golf" said: > > @"BIG STU" said: > > > @"Crazy About Golf" said: > > > > @"BIG STU" said: > > > > Oh yeah I am a BBQ nut being born and raised in the South---- now **mostly I am partial to Eastern NC pepper vinegar based sauce**. But from my days of traveling around the good old USA I have learned to cook from different areas of the country. I do brisket Texas Style as I do my ribs. On the boil thing I do what is called a low country boil here and it can be subjective. The meat parts in mine I do with shrimp and smoked sausage. We also do chicken bog here which is done with chicken , sausage and rice and what ever else you want to use. Since it is just me and the wife I use a sorta home made cooker /smoker I built from a discarded gas grill. My cooking pot I built from a burner from a gas stove and I bought a army surplus pot many years ago. I also have a piece that I made to go on my grill that I do country ham on too. Also use a cast iron skillet and do veggys on the grill too. I use Hickory wood and I do have a small burner in the grill to get the hickory started off. Once the Hickory gets going the gas is off. Now my cousin has our large cooker we built on a trailer some 35 years ago now when we used to do whole hogs. It consists of a 275 obround oil drum with the turners etc for turning the whole hog. Also has a small cook stand for doing stuff like Brunswick Stew and a small grill for cooking small stuff because one gets hungry out there 12 hours or so cooking a whole hog > > > > > > Stu, you're gonna get yourself kicked out of SC talking like that...... > > > > You know both NC and SC are diverse in BBQ according to region---- In SC the folks in the upatate prefer BBQ hash The Midlands around Columbia prefer mustard based sauce and here it is a Mix of Eastern NC style vinegar based and Ketchup based. IN NC the Eastern part is vinegar based country--- The Piedmont is mostly ketchup based---- In the mountains I have seen a mix of all along with a Memphis dry rub base---- Really all of it is good and subjective to how one wants to do it > > I love it all......just wanted to yank your chain given the vinegar vs. mustard debates that BBQ aficionados so often have. Fun fact is that the famous Shealy's BBQ is from my mom's tiny little hometown in SC. It's a mustard-based BBQ, and if you've never been there, it's worth a trip. > Shealy’s is awesome! I love their style of hash.
  3. If it makes you feel better this happens to $1k plus putter finishes too. You likely didn’t cause it, it just happens with some putters although not all of them. I have had some discoloration in a spot that was never touched on a beautiful tp mills putter that was also rarely taken outside. I’ve had a Byron Morgan where the finish did actually flake in some spots on the face and sole. And some less costly putters that had some finish spots as well. I would rather they weren’t there but it’s kind of the nature of the beast with a lot of finishes. It doesn’t mean the manufacturer put out a bad product, refinishing companies like BOS warn customers that this will happen with many of their finishes as well. Hope you keep putting well with it and can embrace it. That’s about the best outcome under the circumstances.
  4. > @GoIrish17 said: > Are we certain that GolfWRX is involved with this? Or, did Warrior take the initiative on themselves and somehow purchased the info? Surprised that no one from GolfWRX has jumped in here to explain this post-haste - almost makes it seem like there’s some discussion behind the scenes on how to “handle this” before someone pops on to explain. Hopefully times aren’t so tough that this is where we’re headed. Comes from [email protected] That same email address sent me some other “offers” from different manufacturers in the past few months. Unfortunately it’s golfwrx initiated. Warrior golf lol, unbelievable.
  5. I just got the same thing and came here to post. What a crock. I got somewhat excited seeing a golfwrx email saying I got selected thinking it was for a demo or club review. Then I saw the warrior golf logo lol. I may as well have been selected by one of those princes in Nigeria to win millions via fedex if I just pay for the shipping. How out of touch with your audience can you be? Maybe the ones on golfwrx that know better than to associate with Warrior golf, which I figured was almost everyone, are no longer the targeted audience, which is disappointing.
  6. > @wkuo3 said: > > @Llortamaisey said: > > Can’t wait to pick up a fine milled Chinese Scotty Kirkland with my 10 lb bag of oranges and rotisserie chicken. It Costco really wanted to come up with a product that everyone would love, they come up with a gas station with no lines. > We fill up the tank every time we stopped by the Costco, but we're told that the Costco Gasoline has one of the highest ethanol content there is, not very good for long term use and the high performance engine ( or the high mileage engines ). > I wonder why Costco is fixated on getting into one of the toughest industry right now. Maybe they had some Corporate golfers or maybe they believe the best time to get into a brand new venture is when everyone is laying low . The Amazon "gorilla" battle tactic. The ability of able to take more beating than the competitors will eventually win the battle. > > I doubt there is a K-sig putter unless they release a box set of clubs from their own line. Probably just a small batch of putters produced for pics with the golf balls and will end up in some of the corporate bros offices.
  7. Odyssey black tour design #1 wide. To get the toe hang you would need to go back with something besides the double bend shaft but sounds like you have the know how if you are doing the other work listed. One of my favorite lines of putters. I have the #6, 8, and 9.
  8. > @Man_O_War said: > what kind of practice should one get before buying an expensive drone? is there like a training manual lol..or trial and error till the good shows up?. It's time to get into this Get a cheaper one, doesn’t even have to have a camera so you can get a feel for it before you get a big boy. It’s easy to say just don’t fly into a tree etc, but once you go up a few times you can get a feel for what is a bad takeoff zone or area to fly in, how easy it is to get the steering confused, how to get your drone back when the battery goes low, etc. it just takes a little practice, it’s not rocket science. But I would practice with a $50-100 drone a few times before I invested in a really nice one.
  9. > @"North Butte" said: > > @BiggErn said: > > I often wonder how some people measure their drives. > > Not that anyone cares how far I hit it (nowadays I hardly care myself) but if you ever see me post that I hit it such-and-such yards that is always measured with my laser. > > It always confounds me when people talk about an "**** yard drive" they hit and then go on to say it's because they had 7-iron into the green on a 420 yard Par 4. In my experience, that sort of ded reckoning can easily be off 30-40 yards depending on where the tees are set, the hole is cut, whether there's a dogleg and whether the hole is actually measured correctly at all. > > If you carry a laser, it takes a lot of effort to maintain an unrealistic, dreamy idea about your driving distance. If you think you're a "260 hitter" and the laser says that one you just nutted down the middle was 238...then I hate to break it to you but you're a "238 hitter"! How do you get your measurement? Wait for your drive to stop and laser it from the tee box? I have had (2) lasers and they won’t pick up a ball for me. Could be user error as I don’t have the greatest eyesight or steady hands, or maybe you are using a different method. I always just used the hole length and then once I arrived at my drive and lasered the flag I could subtract that distance. I think that method is what you are describing as inaccurate or approximate, and I would agree. Thanks.
  10. I like the looks of their putters. A naked suave too would be my personal choice. The raw finish they had on some of the putters looks nice too but I think in reality my putter rusting would drive me crazy. I remember the Callaway Mack daddy 2 wedges in slate finish looked amazing with some wear but once the rust really started setting in I was always trying to scrape it off. Would love to see some pics of the swag putters you guys have.
  11. > @touch said: > Lol. I’m guessing that Luck has more lingering issues in his shoulder or other injuries and knew he didn’t have many more chances to keep his long term health intact. Gotta be a tough choice. Or maybe he grew tired of the organization. Or both, like Calvin Johnson a few years ago.
  12. Wow, solid deal. Congrats on the new ride.
  13. > @Mych said: > > @padget said: > > If you don’t need that extra room then I wouldn’t hesitate to look at 2015-2019 Subaru Outback or Forester. I feel like Subaru was ahead of the curve in those years for the features you got at that price point. My 2015 has been great, I looked at a lot cars and it just felt far more solidly built than anything else I looked at in that price range. I average around 28mpg. You could find a used Lexus NX or Acura RDX in your range as well. > > Good luck, let us know what you find. > Thanks... we went to get a quote on her car at Carmax last night and did a litte looking. She liked the Lexus NX, but I think she liked the RX a little more so the budget might have to expand a little. She also liked the Audi Q5 which surprised me because it looked a little smaller in person than I expected. I also know that she hates the idea of having to use premium gas. I think the RX's can take regular, but the NX and Q5 both take premium. Minor detail, but it's one of those things that could bug her for years. She's a therapist, so I think there's a vanity aspect as well. She wants something that "fits" in the doctor's parking lot. Golfers change clubs for vanity all the time, so I guess it's understandable but I never factored that into the searches that I did for her. > > She barely even walked the other rows of cars... our checkbook might be in for some trouble. Champange tastes on a Kool Aid budget. Check out Cargurus.com. Pretty good site to gauge pricing and find a car. I only look at dealerships that have decent ratings and avoid the car shipping services (carvana). We sold our wife’s car at Carmax as well, they beat the local dealer by $1000 and it was a super easy transaction. They have decent deals as well, you can get a better deal if you look around, but you won’t get hosed by them either. I used to be in the car business and have done some lighting work for the local one and was impressed with their operation.
  14. My guess is it’s just a carrier screwup. I’ve had 2 instances where UPS showed delivered but I never got it. Both times the seller took it up with ups and it was resolved. The first time I received a new replacement product and am assuming the seller had insurance on the shipment. The second time UPS investigated and shipment had been marked as delivered but was still on the truck. Just because tracking shows delivered doesn’t mean the carrier didn’t make a mistake.
  15. I like a simple bacon and black olive pizza. My wife always orders a Mexican pizza extra crispy at the local Rio Chico. Does that count? Basically a fried tortilla with everything you would imagine a Mexican pizza would have on it.
  16. I think my wife and I are going to get a Toyota Highlander. I was looking at used XLE’s and Limiteds in your mileage and price range. But they have some deals with 0% financing right now so we are entertaining a new one. We have driven them and both liked it. A lot of the XLE’s come with leather, heated seats, navigation, moonroof, 3rd row etc. It lacks a few features such as apple car play and birds eye view that some of the competition has, but I feel like it will hold up well for our family the next 5-7 years or hopefully longer. Our needs are a little different than yours as we have a new child. I don’t see us using the 3rd row that much for now but we need the extra storage that 3rd row suvs have with the seats folded down. We took my outback on a recent trip and it was doable but a little tight with all the baby gear and a dog. We also looked at the Traverse that was ok, and are coming from an Lexus NX which has been great except I personally hate the very busy entertainment console and “mousepad” controller. The Highlander XLE has the nicer features my wife likes, and the space, safety and reliability ratings that I want. If you don’t need that extra room then I wouldn’t hesitate to look at 2015-2019 Subaru Outback or Forester. I feel like Subaru was ahead of the curve in those years for the features you got at that price point. My 2015 has been great, I looked at a lot cars and it just felt far more solidly built than anything else I looked at in that price range. I average around 28mpg. You could find a used Lexus NX or Acura RDX in your range as well. Good luck, let us know what you find.
  17. > @Hairpie said: > John Byron Dale "O"head. This model usually had a double bend shaft inserted into the head to create a face balanced putter. Mine is one of the only ones I've ever seen with a flow neck. It also has a bell-tipped fluted putter shaft. Combined with the copper plating it has the softest feel of any putter I've ever owned. > > > > > > Last pic is me recently winning the Sacramento City Putting Championship for the 2nd time in 4 years. 1st time I won with my Slighter Portland, this time the Byron got the call. > > Beautiful putter man. What kind of face milling does it have? And congrats on the trophy ?
  18. > @masegolf1978 said: > I’ve played 27 with mine so far. It definitely already looks “used” so I won’t be selling it anytime soon. Do you mind elaborating? Is it the copper oxidizing? Or the sole’s finish wearing off? Or you don’t use a head over lol? Interested to know, the black finish looks good online, have not seen one in person.
  19. > @mjbfyb said: > > @padget said: > > For anyone that has one or knows, How much toe hang does the fastback 1.5 have? > > https://forums.golfwrx.com/discussion/comment/19070102#Comment_19070102 Thank you sir!
  20. For anyone that has one or knows, How much toe hang does the fastback 1.5 have?
  21. Not saying you’re wrong, but the adapters usually look slightly crooked so they can change the loft and lie. You may be ok.
  22. > @DonatelloNobodie said: > Higher payouts just encourage cheating or sandbagging. This isn't the PGA tour. Play for enjoyment, not income. Keep prizes small. Spend the money on a good meal for players. Can’t say I disagree with that. Won’t work for all tourneys but not a bad plan for something like this.
  23. Yup, it happens with concert tickets and just about any limited release item. Won’t change until it’s a losing proposition. Keep an eye out here. I’m sure a good member or two won’t get along with the putter and will sell it for cost. And if they made enough of these the demand will have died in a few months. It’s frustrating but is what it is at this point. Hope you get one.
  24. > @bladehunter said: > > @Mych said: > > Give me Sergio... if he wakes up the Hulk, somebody is in for a bad day. > > > > Realistically, I'd take Graeme McDowell in a kerfuffle. He's Irish, owns a bar, he's a little stocky, and usually the genuinely nice guys have a certain amount of confidence that they can handle themselves when they have to. > > Yep. McDowell is certainly on the top 10 on tour for guys you wouldn’t walk up to in public and say “ hit me expletive”. I’d bet on him doing it. > > You have to look for the crazy eye. Or the crazy stare. It’s not the big guy , or the strong guy , or the little guy who’s yapper never stops. it’s usually the quiet guy in the corner. He’s the one . That guy who won’t stop till someone drags him off or the twitching is over. > > My money would be on DJ , Lucas Glover , Paul Casey or Keegan Bradley type if truly backed against a wall. I think Keegan would probably spaz out and accidentally knock himself out before anything happened. Lucas Glover’s wife may be a good pick. He is getting up there in years, but I’ll take Angel Cabrera. Didn’t say a whole lot, his normal expression looked kind of pissed off, forearms the size of a tree. He’s got that self made old man strength that doesn’t go away, and could probably backhand someone into the adjacent fairway. Don’t F with el pato.
  25. That payout seems super low, is this the Matt Kuchar Invitational? I kid, I kid. Without knowing the tourney fee, greens fees, cost of dinner, etc all we can do is speculate. But I would offer this advice, don’t go to the course with the idea that they shouldn’t profit on the tourney. I get that from your standpoint it should be more of a members appreciation tourney, you’ll have already supported the club in various ways, but tourneys are part of their income. If they do a good job with it, they should profit and it helps the course in the long run. I don’t think you really don’t want them to profit, but you want you and your peers tournament needs or wants to be met. What do you’ll want? More payout, trophies for bragging rights, plaque on the wall? Approach them with a clear message about exactly what you want to see for prizes and payouts. Be precise with that part and be ready with a few rational reasons why (members want more excitement, are discouraged by lack of prizes, want bragging rights etc.). Doesn’t mean they will be met but at least they know exactly what members are looking for and might be good feedback for them if this is to be an successful annual event. Good luck! I am sure being on the tournament committee is a thankless job, I’ve had a few of those myself. Hope it works out.
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