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  1. Hi, I posted this question in the “putters” forum but got no bites…figured I’d try over here. Can anyone explain to me the difference between a Tad Moore “T-Bone I” and a “T-Bone II”? I emailed Tad but I thought I might be able to get a quick answer here.
  2. Hi, Can anyone explain to me the difference between a Tad Moore “T-Bone I” and a “T-Bone II”? I emailed Tad but I thought I might be able to get a quick answer here.
  3. I'm not sure if this specific topic has already been discussed so I apologize if thats the case. I am in the process of making the transition to JumboMax UltraLite xs grips. For me at least, they are a game changer. I walk near 90% of my rounds with a variety of carry bags...Currently I have a vintage ping Hoofer and a new Shapland Sunday (awesome bag btw). Fortunately, I never carry more than 11 total clubs, however, even with that semi-minimal set the grip are making it near impossible for smooth club extraction and insertion. I'm looking for recommendations on medium to light weight carry/walking bags that have an extra-wide or disproportionally large opening. This type of bag might not even exist.
  4. Quick question, I picked this up the other day and I was wondering if anyone here could guess an approximate date? Is this from the hickory era (maybe the late 20’s) or was this a remake from the 40’s - 60’s? thanks !
  5. well I still haven’t called but their answer seems pretty definitive. tomg1968 please let me know what happens.
  6. Update from Ping "Thank you for your e-mail. I will pick up where the last agent left off. They actually gave some information that was incorrect. The part about not refinishing these irons is correct. The reason given was not. We do not have enough of the back weights still available to allow for a refinish. Since the weights would need to be removed during the tumbling process, we would not have the correct weights to put back in when the refinishing is complete.I hope this helps somewhat.Please call us at 800-474-6434 if you would have any further questions.Thank you,Bill B.PING Golf Consumer Relations"
  7. Thanks for all the feedback...I plan to call them soon. Too badge they won't replace the badges
  8. That's what I thought! Forget email, I think I will just call them and speak to someone.
  9. Thanks for the response...I could swear that I have seen posts here referencing ping refinishing services on i5's, G10's etc...
  10. I emailed ping to ask them if they could refinish a set of i5's. I was under the belief that they could do this type of work. This was the response I received."James,We cannot refinish a set of I5s, it has to do with the plating on the head. Play Your Best," I'm sure customer service knows its business but I was surprised none the less. Should I press the issue?
  11. Thanks i had no idea this knowledge was so cryptic...sweet sticks though
  12. Hi, I recently picked up a set of Hogan Edge GS at a local shop...let's just say I paid under $50. They are in excellent condition (see photo's). My question is in regards to the serial #. Does anyone have information about identifying what the number tells us? btw...these feel great when struck...any issues with gaming them occasionally? # GB3502
  13. Yup thats the style I prefer but is there a name for that type of shaft/hosel design ?
  14. Good morning, I love my Rife Martinique. I'm trying to find similar putters but I'm having trouble identifying the right terminology for the shaft. Its not quite center shafted but its not quite heel shafted either. I know its no or zero offset. The Bettinardi BB26 has a similar shaft position as well as the BHB2 and the BBX80. Just looking for some other options or a way to search. Thanks
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