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  1. Thanks guys got the shaft installed today. 42.5" made the driver play 44" long. Thank you!
  2. Hey Guys, What length does a shaft need to be cut to in order to have an overall length of 44" without grip in a Titleist TS3 driver head? I was told 43" will play "close" to 44" overall. I'd like to know exact and not close to lol TIA!
  3. All PM's answered. Any and all reasonable offers will be considered. Send me the offers!
  4. All Tour Drivers, Putters, Irons Woods, Oakley's, UProHey guys, Time to unload the pleothera of equipment that I have around my house. Every piece of equipment was either a gamer or a club that I was testing that never made the bag and sat in the corner. Lots of great stuff. Everything was received from the tour department from their respective companies. No trades at this time just trying to free up some cash. If you need any verification you can go to my website www.KrisLim.com Thank You! 1. Titleist 909H 19* Standard Length D3 Swing weight "Authentic" Matrix Black Tie Altus Price: $200
  5. [quote name='mister2cool' timestamp='1299374019' post='3029084'] What does this mean? [color=#1C2837]"Prices are firm but will listen to offers."[/color] [/quote] More like Thats what I want but if its something close and time goes by I'll listen haha sorry kinda counter intuitive when i read it again
  6. DON'T pay retail for NEW equipmentHey Guys, Got a bunch of stuff from Titleist that has been sitting around as back-ups and won't be going into play. My loss is your gain. Prices are firm but will listen to offers. Save a few bucks and get them while they last. PM me with any questions 2011 Scotty Cameron Junk Yard Custom Shop Head Cover Condition: Brand New NEVER used Price: $125.00 2010 Titleist 710 AP2 Irons Shaft: TITLEIST UP CHARGE Project X 6.0 Non-Flighted L/L/L: Standard Condition: Brand New NEVER been hit Grip: GP Tour Velvet Cord Price: $975.00 TYD 2011 Titleist 910 D3 10.5 D
  7. Great new line! Waterproof pants too!
  8. [quote name='kekoa' timestamp='1296685333' post='2946739'] Am I missing something? That first putter isn't deep milled. Just looks stock to me. [/quote] I couldn't get a good angle on it with the camera and lighting but it has a milling
  9. Titleist Drivers, V10 Wedges, Cameron Putters, Cameron HCUp for sale is a bunch of great tour issue, custom, and collectible items. They are just sitting around literally collecting dust and I just want to move them. All prices are to your door. Please NO TRADES at this time. I am open to REASONABLE offers Let's make a deal! Scotty Cameron Gun Blue Newport 2 Deep Milled -34" in length -Original HC (Brand New) -Original SC Cord Grip PRICE: $350.00 $295.00 SOLD Scotty Cameron Studio Select Newport 2 -Custom Shop Belly Putter 42" -Custom Shop Full Belly Winn Grip -Custom Shop Band -Custom Sh
  10. [quote name='sjf0601' timestamp='1293423107' post='2860264'] [quote name='TheSecondZ' timestamp='1293422605' post='2860255'] The Peanut looks sorta like a hybrid version of the old Titleist PT fairway woods... i.e. it looks sweet [/quote] Thanks a lot, that's actually a good way to describe it. Glad you thought of that. [/quote] ill take the driver for 50 bucks..hahaha
  11. [quote name='bubbagump' timestamp='1291925775' post='2832167'] Are those your initials on the wedges? [/quote] yes
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