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  1. After playing a 60x Rogue I'd love to try a 60x in this new version!
  2. [quote name='artica' timestamp='1450906307' post='12756994'] For those of you who have had a driving iron, did you try a hybrid shaft? I have a fujikura pro 83h shaft I want to insert into mine in hopes of gaining a higher launch. I'm ok experimenting but if logic is way of then I'd rather not waste my time. [/quote] If the 83 doesn't get it high enough,you can get one of the Fuji 80out of an M1 hybrid off eBay for <$70, and it'll be higher launch and spin. They're just like the 60 Pro and the 70Pro in the M1's. Both "made for" shafts that Fuji added to their website. Not bad s
  3. I take it you're not a TEE fan? Gear looks like it's in great condition, as always. GLWS! More importantly, Merry Christmas to you and yours!
  4. Very confusing ad, I agree. "Originally fitted in July for 3,4 H5 and 5-PW in MP 54. Was having some trouble with 5,6 so I bought the H5's in those as well (they only hit the course 2 times)." Going to need complete pictures of faces, soles, backs, grips, etc.
  5. A few items to list. Really like to ship this stuff out in the morning, so send offers via PM please. What's not sold by morning hoes to eBay tomorrow. Titleist 816 H2 in 21*, all stock with the Motore Speeder 8.8 in Stiff. I purchased this club new and hit a handful of balls, but it's just not going into the bag. Pictures show the condition which is perfect minus a few strike marks on the face. $200 shipped Next up is a new Odyssey Works #1 that still has the stickers on it and has never left the house. It's 35" and all stock. Headcover included. $115 shipped
  6. [quote name='Ben Berube' timestamp='1450225123' post='12725280'] Marc don't forget this man. Its a One of One Tour Dass, worth far more than most of the Betti's recently posted! http://bettinardiregistry.com/putter-registry/bb5-wave-tour-dass/ [/quote] That's a pretty bold statement considering some of the Betti's listed on here recently, but the real question begging to be answered is, what's with all the folks jumping off the Bettinardi bandwagon?
  7. I'm sure TM will take care of it, but they can't give you another perfect day for golf in PA in December! The quality on that head is SHAMEFUL!
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