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  1. Since when do they ask players for approval on group pairings?
  2. 35/1 prior to palmetto champ how does he compare to morikawa and Hovland?
  3. Vegas agrees with you if it was say a Dustin Johnson in 1st he’d be -400 or more
  4. Can a 4 handicap beat Tain Lee? what putter is he using? Lab blade?
  5. That’s what we call mid season form for Smylie Kaufman
  6. Saw on a rick Shiels video that srixon says don’t store in the “boot” of car, would you recommend not to store in trunk in the desert?
  7. Mr Harry Higgs has old man strength, if he got into the weight room and worked on his physique he could be a major contender. I believe he played one year with Bryson at SMU so he should train with him.
  8. Play holes like this. I’ve played this hole 3x eagled once and missed putt for eagle one other time. I take an aggressive line off the tee then go 6-7 iron into the green. BTW I’m awful golfer, I shine on the range not the course.
  9. Took this screenshot as it was happening too bad I cashed out earlier in the week, it was up for 15 minutes. Wondered if they would of voided any bets. FYI most larger books graded Rahm as winner
  10. First off the graphics still say 2020 and like the Olympics it will be called that as well. second off it’s all an act and they are professionals nothing to worry about this isn’t the 92 dream team where they shut out Isiah Thomas. there are calming influences that will make the team like morikawa, spieth, Webb, and Xander that will improve the team dynamics.
  11. Tommy two glove gainey 1st alternate watch him take it down in his home state
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