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  1. So disrespectful I can’t wait till America destroys Europe in Ryder cup.
  2. Bryson and tommy gainey they both do things their own way and don’t care what people think about them.
  3. He isn’t Bryson Dechambeau that enough right there
  4. I had said tiger earlier and for some reason my response got deleted, not sure why random posts gets deleted?
  5. I’ve only been watching 20 years I’m not sure how America fared prior to 2000. But in the 20 years I’ve been watching this seems like the strongest ever
  6. No other country plays football, However I do believe football has surpassed baseball as America’s pastime
  7. 11 of the top 15 owgr american the goat number 22 is this the strongest American golf has been? is golf America’s strongest sport or is it still hoops?
  8. Rob G 89

    2020 US Open

    Please scratch scheffler and horsfield from the odds as both have tested positive for covid 19
  9. I used to like going there finding the best sales and eBay deals. Now all the post are bad eBay experiences or complaints on couriers. Can there be a sub forum that separates these two subjects?
  10. Does Stewart’s son get normal caddy rate or Kuchar Mayokoba rate?
  11. Just picked it up for Xbox man putting is hard
  12. The bait and switch scheme continues up to 5 attempted booked tee times with card being charged and no tee time tried the chat feature with no success
  13. I have a policy I don’t pick up clubs was playing white hawk in crown point Indiana once and some guy lost a club, came up to us in fairway and asked if we found it advised no. He had the audacity to drive to our cart to check our bags, I was highly offended.
  14. The past 2 times I’ve tried booking tee times it says having issues or tee time unavailable. The frustrating part is it keeps charging my credit card, I know they will refund them but what’s the odds of me trying 3 different tee times from 2 course and the issue arising? Anyone else having issues?
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