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  1. Unfortunately you are getting the item you needed just start the return process.
  2. Was the other item significantly better than the item you received? Sounds like that is the case and the other buyer got lucky and has no obligation to remedy the situation, it’s all on the seller.
  3. Can someone with a legal background advise on prescription drugs and driving? Obviously he was probably prescribed them due to surgery.
  4. It’s everyone that has to be approved. Apparently people have different views on people who use drugs and how they should be treated
  5. If he is drugged up again and got into an accident he needs to be arrested.
  6. Can verify I went 17 m2 to last year sim max no issues at all
  7. What would be the cost for the barracuda? Or do you need to know someone just to have the opportunity to play?
  8. I made the newspaper at my advanced age https://www.nwitimes.com/sports/college/valparaiso-university/mascot-debate-at-valparaiso-has-proponents-and-opponents-just-as-it-did-in-the-1940s/article_cbb15837-c915-557e-9668-5194e3f60bd2.html#tracking-source=home-top-story-1
  9. Nfl Chicago bears Ncaa football big ten fan as Illinois isn’t good enough ncaa basketball Illinois and Valparaiso nba bulls but as someone said above nba is borderline unwatchable you have super teams and no defense baseball I just can’t watch it too boring for me
  10. I swear him and Bryson 2 of my favorite players play the average amount of tournies a year i have 20 autographed cantlay rookie cards so I’m hoping he wins a major
  11. In anticipation of this tournament I played the first 10 holes on Xbox yesterday, the 10th hole one of the best holes on golf.
  12. No next tournament is in an invitational, he would probably be exempt into the Puerto Rico tournament
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