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  1. Yeah he seemed nicer and friendlier then he is perceived to be. I remember at the players when morikawa and spieth hit into him and they were like god that’s the worst player to hit into but spieth said Rory like him so it was all good.
  2. Maybe we might get a 7 way payoff for that bronze that would be something crazy to watch
  3. Anyone having issues streaming part 2 on nbc sports app on Xbox? It says it starts at 9 but it’s 9:10 and it says coming up Edit it starts working 5 minutes later
  4. So stupid referring to last win as the “fortinet” when it was called the Safeway you can’t change history
  5. Jean Van de Velde situation in play
  6. So on singles day if you have less it’s a forfeited match?
  7. No they will use pga tour rules and no one will be tested therefore no one will miss
  8. I know it doesn’t matter just curious if it was a break through case
  9. Stole this from the internet replaced by Patrick Reed where in the olympics cheating is rampant so he should fit in just fine
  10. Sung Kang 12 on 18 Joel Dahmen is happy right now
  11. It’s fine if you like college football and NFL
  12. Omg he just referred to it as the British open will the R&A fine him?
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