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  1. For the shaft, it's universal so any tool will work. Don't think it's the same with the weights though
  2. Pitchers and catchers report in a few weeks, who you got? Go Yankees
  3. Woke up convinced it was Thursday, scrambled to turn on the TV and boom, reality hit
  4. fillwelix

    2020 US Open

    Don't you know? Being a contrarian gets you nearly unlimited attention on the internet
  5. fillwelix

    2020 US Open

    Anyone else noticing weird sounds with the ball strikes? It sounds like we hear the actual strike from the player and then a second, much more pronounced strike a half second after. Almost like they're pumping in fake contact sound and not timing it up correctly.
  6. Brooks just three putted a straight putt from 6 feet...
  7. It's good to see Hunter Mahan still grinding, I had totally forgot about him
  8. That's why I love match play lol I can use all my bad shots on one hole
  9. Bad shots happen, and trying to avoid them will only make them come out in droves. If they come early in the round, then like Mello said it's just a spent round and you can relax and just have fun If they come late in the round, try and only focus on the next shot at hand and don't be afraid of hitting a bad shot, don't get defensive
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