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  1. Tough loss on the heat. I ended up taking them money line
  2. [quote name='FadeOnly' timestamp='1369424685' post='7100858'] [quote name='biz321' timestamp='1369423782' post='7100754'] Under 182 looks good for tonight's game [/quote] Game 1 was listed right around there as well. I went under 95 for Miami in that game and would've hit had it not been for OT, however, the full game went over by one point I think, before OT. That number seems spot on to me, but if I had to I would side with you. I'd imagine the Pacers put a bit more effort into the defensive end of the court, especially Paul George. He was burned the whole game, not just that last p
  3. Dave Chappelle and Eddie Murphy all-time. As for active guys Louis CK
  4. Sergio has a long history of not Manning up and blaming others for his mistakes. Cant stand the guy
  5. [quote name='FadeOnly' timestamp='1367184007' post='6933225'] Swag [/quote] this.
  6. This really stinks. I'm gonna keep a extra careful eye on my clubs after reading this. If someone took my Scotty , I'd be irate
  7. You guys are Awesome. Gvogel - Strength? Not much , Id say average CJINC - Money is an issue , looking to spend $400max. As for what im playing with now? Im using either TM Burner 2.0 or Cleveland CG7's depending on which friend im playing with Now looking at the JPX 800 HD's as well. What's the difference between the HD JPX 800 and the non HD?
  8. I've only played a handful of rounds in my life. Id feel weird going to get fitted and have my swing analyzed. I still dont even properly know how to swing . Im hoping to get a set and learn on them. I figured a basic set like a ping G series Black dot would be a safe bet , steel regular flex shaft. A bunch of online and magazine reviews also have the mizuno's as a really forgiving set so thats where i had the issue. Since Im so new Im going to get whatever's cheaper and the G20's seem to be a little less $$$. Im gonna shoot for those and if I cant find any Mizuno looks to be just as good. Th
  9. Ive been bit by the golf bug and looking to buy my first set of Irons. I've done my research and Im torn between these 3 set. I know I should probably buy a really cheap set to start but I dont want to feel like I need to upgrade for a long time. Which one is the most forgiving? Thanks in advance for any help
  10. Thanks guys ... The price is very good $375 new and no response when asking for serial # raised a red flag of concern. I'm 50/50 if I should go get these tmrw
  11. New golfer here and looking to buy my first set of clubs. I found a seller on craigslist with this set for a really good price and just want to make sure I dont get "shafted" ;) . Supposed to pick them up this weekend. Ive asked the seller for the serial # but he hasnt replied yet Thanks in advance for any help
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