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  1. Edison with KBS Tour Stiff. Standard length. Really liked the wedge but hate KBS and am too lazy to reshaft. Used minimally. $135 conus. Sim Max D 9* Head with aftermarket weight to bring weight up to 201. Great driver but switched to Titleist. I liked this better than the regular Sim Max and there's very little draw bias (if any). Sold
  2. Tsi3 Head Only with headcover. $350 shipped conus. SOLD Ventus Only about two months old. Purchased from Will Peoples. Asked for it to play to 46". Actual length is about 45 3/8". Includes Gripmaster Perf Undersized. SOLD
  3. Both 34". Includes headcover. Both in really good condition. $330 Phantom shipped conus $330 Evnroll
  4. $210 for the Ventus Red Velocore 44" tiny chip on the shaft near tip $325 for Sim Max 3 Wood with Ventus Blue Velocore. Plays 43". No headcover.
  5. Thanks for the info ChipNRun. Didn't realize that about the SM6s.
  6. Yea, they are expensive for custom shafts. I inquired about putting in Modus and it was going to run me close to $300. Lefthack you'll have to share your results! I can't decide whether to give them a shot. Thanks for the info all. Hopefully we'll hear back on some real results soon.
  7. Anyone have experience with them? TXG talked them up and the idea of raising the COG is interesting. Thinking about giving them a try.
  8. Shipped conus. Let me know any questions. Includes the tour TM adapter.
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