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  1. $290 conus. Includes two weights that result in weights shown in pictures. Both are heavier than the stock weight.
  2. 5-7 standard length 8-AW half inch short I believe they are standard lie but cannot confirm Grips have about 5 rounds on them Faces in good shape Pics capture the couple rock marks on 5 and 7 irons 1g of lead tape on the 8-AW to bring the swing weight up. I can remove before shipping and will make sure no residue. $550 shipped continental us obo
  3. I used once. Can't tell you total rounds bc i purchased on here. It's clearly very few though based on the condition of the club.
  4. Ping Glide SS Black Dot 56 SW Standard L/L/LKBS Tour 120 S $100 shipped
  5. $200 42.5" Used about 10 rounds. Built by Will People's. Whilei still believe in the grand experiment of steel shafted fairways, the 950FW was not for me.
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