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  1. 1. The fitting studio at Westfields 2. Centreville, VA 5. 10.1 4. TS3 8.5 with Hzrdus Smoke 65g 6.5 5. Yes at a Titleist Thursday event at 1757 golf club 6. TSi3 7. Yes
  2. Good questions, yes it is stainless steel and I’ve uploaded a photo showing the toe flow, I’m not exactly sure what to call that, mid? It’s certainly face balanced nor is it toe down.
  3. I’m looking to sell a gently used Byron Morgan DH 89 with a long round pipe neck, glass blast finish, 35 in, 72 lie with 2* loft, golf pride tour classic grip. Their is a bit of wear on the bottom from use it other than that this putter is in excellent shape. Asking $400 shipped or I’d be willing to trade for a Swag Golf Savage Too that is 35 inches long. Sean
  4. Great question, the decision wasn’t based on the flex of the shaft but the weight. I got for at True Spec Golf in Orlando and the fitter believed, and I’ve heard this from other sources as well, that wedge shafts should be heavier than your iron shafts. Since the $ taper stiff shafts weight 120 grams, and, based on my fitting the 610 wedge was the way to go for me, we choose the 610 S+ shaft as it weighs 125 grams. Comparatively the hi rev 2.0 stiff also weighs 125 grams so I’d recommend not worrying about the flex but look at the weight and base my decision solely on the weight of the shaft
  5. I was fitted for the $ taper stiff flex in my irons and 610 wedge stiff plus shafts in my wedges as the 610 S+ is 5 grams heavier than the $ tapers. So far this setup has worked well for me.
  6. Was just fitted today in to a Queen Bee 6, can’t wait to get it on the course.
  7. Check out Hodson Golf, he’s in Richmond and does outdoor fittings.
  8. > @slingshot1981 said: > Cancel your order with Fairway Golf. I did, then ordered through Golfdom. Balls have shipped and I will have them by Friday. You cannot beat the customer service from Golfdom. Dan will get in touch and keep you updated through the ordering/shipping process. Top notch golf store in my opinion. For what it’s worth, Fairway was telling me 3-4 weeks until they would get a shipment. I did the exact same thing and received my order last week. Golfdom is great to deal with and I believe they will keep some in stock at their store.
  9. City and State (US Only): Centreville, VA Handicap: 7.7 Current Irons: Callaway X forged 18 Favorite Feature of the New P790 irons: Players look with forgiveness If selected, do you agree to participate in a review thread? We would ask you provide hi-res, quality photos, and provide a review of the clubs? Absolutely, and I have access to a track man which I could use to post the difference in numbers between my current irons and these.
  10. What is your home city/state? Centreville, VA (just outside Washington, DC) What is your current USGA Handicap? 6.4 Which golf ball(s) do you currently play, and why? Were you fit for your golf ball? Unsure at the moment, was fit for new irons and wedges last year so I am currently doing some ball testing to determine which ball i will choose. Previously I was playing to Taylormade TP5X and was not fit for that ball. What are you most interested in seeing/experiencing at Titleist? Learning what goes into their R&D process as well as learning how they control the quality/consistency of
  11. All I have the following items for sale, please feel free to ask questions, prices include shipping 1) I have the following shafts, all have Titleist tips, tour velvet grips and play to 44in installed A) Aldila Rogue Max mid launch 65 stiff $75 B) Project X LZ 60g 6.0 hand crafted $75 2) Golf Polos, all are size large, $25 each A) Under Armour Navy Blue with white grey stripes B) Under Armour Navy Blue with light blue and green large single stripe C) Adidas puremotion navy blue with shite stripe and Quidnessett Country Club logo on left sleeve D) Vineyard Vines performance, lig
  12. Snell MTB Black, but I am interested in trying the new Snell MTB X.
  13. I’m selling my set of TaylorMade milled grind wedges, 50, 54, 58. All are standard length, loft as indicated and standard lie. Shaft is the KBS 610 S+ (125) shaft with tour velvet grips, with three extra wraps of tape. The 50 has 9* of bounce, 54 has 11 and 58 has 9. Please feel free to ask questions, I’m asking $390 obo shipped and am not looking for any trades. Sean
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