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  1. Surprised no one has said it yet. Mega Adams CMB vibes from the apex pro
  2. > @Argonne69 said: > Cue the shrieks. Lydia has a new caddie. > > Jonny had a family emergency. Just having Patrick fill in because he was in town
  3. > @Argonne69 said: > The 2025 U.S. Women's Open has been awarded to Erin Hills. 'Love the course. > awful choice
  4. use a push cart. depending on the time of year those things are life savers. Load your bag up with waters and don't worry about a thing Good luck with that...
  5. You're right. It's so much better to have an NFL wide receiver and a Pro Surfer telling us how great the new Callaway product is. Let's reverse this. How fast would Phil Mickelson get laughed off the planet if Rip Curl brought him in to an "Influencer Release Party" to tell a bunch of surfers how great their new boards are? I think it's telling that they could only sucker one staffer into showing up. Sergio looks like it's about the last place in the world he wants to be. A: there were two staffers there. B: it was organic, natural, and just an idea of throwing some creators or wha
  6. Heaven forbid a golf company that tries to do something different. Yet, let's have our company pros unzip some travel bags and go "wow, so good" and pretend to be surprised. like they do year after year.
  7. This is spot on. just played with a bud that does some photo work for Callaway. Saw and hit the apex forged irons which look super similar to X's protos. The Epic Flash driver. its great, except this bizarre graphic line across the crown (think the seam line from the fusion woods). PM wedge looks pretty much the same as the original. Plus a few new Toulon models with the odyssey logos.
  8. It’s one caddie per riding group, not cart. If you wanted one caddy per cart I hope you paid the guy more than 50$
  9. 33 putts? No blow up holes, but six bogies. I wish the tour published scrambling stats. It would appear that she failed to get up and down on her 5 missed greens, and three putted at least one green (in reg). Danielle Kang could have a point to prove to the selectors of the IC USA team here. They would rather risk an injured MW? with no leadup form to Danielle with some average leadup form. Still MW has superstar status on the LPGA and would attract more attention! I guess there was never a chance MW would stand down for the sake of the teams chances.... We are getting 5 hours of continuous c
  10. GC and LPGA just care about the american market and making money. They do not care about the game or the players at all. So Yeon top 3 in the world is regularly paired with the scrubs. Same with Sung Hyun who is top 10 in the world. She never has a chance to make it to TV unless she is leading deep into the tournament. It's crazy how bad they treat top players who don't fit the mold of what they are looking for. LPGA has two categories to make Tee Times. A and B parings. All based off of current year money. The three middle times both sides, each wave would be an A time. So Yeon has playe
  11. 1. Ernie's XTD irons are a 1 of 1 set milled just for him. when you look down at them they actually look pretty damn pure. I'm not even sure there is a backup set that exist knowing how much it cost to mill them. 2. Same for the wedges. 1 of 1 set wedges built just for EE but the sole and head shape was darn near perfect. I'd like to speculate that they could come to market. but I highly doubt it.
  12. [quote name='Yepyukon' timestamp='1373989384' post='7465100'] Post it! I love to see the WITB of Big Breakers! [/quote] http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/topic/866506-matt-galloway-witb/
  13. Would you root for one of the guys if you knew he was WRX member?
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