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  1. 3-4 guys teeing off at the same time. Its wild man...
  2. Here's a little drone shot from that day...
  3. You probably wouldn't like our crew then We once played a 47-some. Skins game. Birdies (or below) only with carryovers. If you already took your shot at birdie, you picked up and waited greenside for the hole to finish. We walked 9-holes in 1:52. Kept pace with a 3-some who was ahead of us.
  4. What's the largest group you've ever played a round with? I know some places are super stuffy and won't allow a 5-some ever. I've also played in 4-man tourneys with 3 teams per hole (those normally take forever!) Keeping up with pace of play (2 hr per 9), what's the largest group you've mobbed with???
  5. Here's some recent photos from our Lido tour last week. https://www.instagram.com/p/CUxaFeyrWau/?utm_medium=copy_link
  6. The only reason to be within 2 hours of there? You're missing out on some great non-golf experiences if that is really your take on Central Wisconsin.
  7. The Preserve at Lake Rathbun (South Central Iowa) or Mozingo Lake (NW Missouri)
  8. Which statement are you curious about?
  9. It still baffles me that people in golf carts can't (or won't???) play in 4-ish hours. We walk huge courses in 4 hrs with stacked tee times.
  10. I would imagine that the $35 million estimate is for all the plots on the Lido Conservancy.
  11. Try Shoal Creek (the course) or Shoal Creek range and batting cages.
  12. There's a club in the St. Louis area called the Gimme Golf Club. They have a clubhouse with 3 bays (Trackman sims...the 3rd bay just got completed) with membership options, and bay availability open to the public on the weekends. They just opened the doors back in March. Really neat spot and concept. If you're ever in or rolling through the St. Louis area, you should check it out. https://www.gimmegolfclub.com/#clubhouse
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