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  1. Hello Fam, had a nice time watching today and seeing so many US play well this week. Respect for Rory exposing a vulnerable moment. Feeling bad for Paddy Really hope Bruce and Bryson shotgun a brew-doggie tonight and burry the hatchet
  2. Justin Rose is excited to be part of the Morgan Stanley team.
  3. One of my clients has a son that played high level junior golf in California. They were around Collin a lot while the boys were juniors and my client told me it isn’t a show for the cameras - Collin is respectful and nice to everybody and has always been that way.
  4. I’m getting more and more into Sours. Seems like Sours are the new IPA - at least on the west coast
  5. I had one of those when I went to Chicago last month!
  6. I’ve been watching butchering/processing videos of bluefin tuna
  7. Max and Lewis must not like one another
  8. He seems like a nice young man, regardless
  9. Watching JRs swing in slow motion and seeing how little depth he gets is freaky yet he makes it work beautifully
  10. ebrasmus21

    Louie O

    Tough day today for LO - kind of feel for him
  11. It might actually be better if they just played nature noises during the broadcast. That would be better than Zinger for sure
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