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  1. It could also, possibly, include Russian involvement. Color me concerned.
  2. This is the worst final round coverage I can ever remember. Wish I would have kept a commercial-counter at the start of this broadcast
  3. Do you need to break out your bell-bottoms to feel more comfortable?
  4. Bryson will bomb and armlock his way to a 68 today
  5. He doesn’t understand science but is he anti-science? Let’s hope he isn’t a science-denier
  6. I’m enjoying the reality TV of all this a lot more that Stricker
  7. We all know Tiger would have won this USO, that’s easily apparent. My question is how much would Tiger be leading by at this point in the tournament?
  8. Would he be like “get off my lawn” or would he be like “this isn’t so bad”
  9. It could be considered a documentary
  10. Please don’t ask vague questions
  11. Almost spit up my nitro brew reading this.
  12. I would really like to see Xander or Tony win.
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