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  1. Way to go Chris. You're looking good dude, keep it up with the weight loss as well!
  2. 1. San Joaquin Country Club 2. City and State? Fresno CA 5. Handicap? 3 4. Current Driver Setup? G400 LST - TPT 14.5 LPK 5. Were you fit for your current driver? Yes 6. What TSi head do you want to test? TSi3 7. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Absolutely
  3. B. Harman is making an absolute mockery of the game gaining 2.5 strokes putting with that 4lbs brick he’s using. It’s time the USGA grow a pair and do something about modern putters taking skill out of the game.
  4. Just registered. Not sure what can match my TPT but I’d like to win the AV Orange
  5. Yeah but my beeps and mannerisms, since I’m a droid, translate most closely to that of Cartman
  6. He was on NLU recently and was a great conversation
  7. I’ll be the first to admit my prowess as a golf historian would out me at about a 38 handicap.
  8. Didn’t they used to use sheep’s testicles filled with rocks as a golf ball way back in the day? Someone might need to fact check me on that.
  9. But. The Amazon. Gary said it himself (I was concerned he’d stroke out).
  10. Has there ever been a “get off my lawn” interview quite like that? I was watching with my wife, who doesn’t watch golf, and she was like ‘who’s that angry old man?’ Bizarre interview.
  11. Can’t say I’ve been a fan. Wonder if the next boss will: 1. create U grooves because V grooves didn’t work 2. Implement a 40” driver 3. Require pros to use a wound golf ball 4. Require a putter length be no greater than 34” Let’s do as much as we can to get golf back to 1975.
  12. ebrasmus21

    2020 US Open

    It’s just so unfair. Bryson should start all tournaments henceforth at +5
  13. ebrasmus21

    2020 US Open

    So what does ‘bifurcation’ mean? Are they going to assign different golf balls to each player such that equality of outcome is achieved for all competitors? If so that’s so progressive of them. If a limited flight ball is mandatory I’m sorry to say but BAD will still hit it further.
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