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  1. I’m finding it bizarre that so many people feel there needs to be some sort of a formal investigation
  2. CM’s game was t!ts today. He was sending the hammer. Seems like a nice young bloke.
  3. He's going for the feast-or-famine style of play. I'd bet good money that he knew this would happen. He's going to miss cuts, he might even miss a lot of cuts but when he gets into a nice rhythm over a four or five week stretch he will win maybe 3 times and whos to say that won't be another USO. To me, when I look at what Bryson is doing, he knows that he probably won't be consistent week in and week out but he also knows that he might run the table over a 4 week stretch and that 1 month stretch could make it all worth while.
  4. It’s been mentioned already but let’s hope The Elder Wand is safe
  5. The Tiger camp is good at keeping things quiet so I hope we get details at some point today. "multiple leg injuries requiring surgery"
  6. Not what I was hoping to see today. Hope Tiger is okay.
  7. yeah but wasn't Sir Charles scratch before he got full-swing yips? We might be able to find something about it on the interwebs but I wanna say he was a pretty good recreational player till the yip disease took over.
  8. I'd like to think that MT might be a natural. With some instruction and practice I bet he'd have a great pair of hands
  9. 1. We have indeed heard this before 2. Tiger's back is going to continue to wither away the longer he plays 3. I'd love another Augusta win 4. I'm not counting on #3
  10. The California Sycamore, one of the only trees seen in CA thats native to the state!
  11. Tiger should take over for Sir Nick in the tower.
  12. Being outraged at all times.... wait... isn’t that.... it’s 2021.... aren’t we supposed to?
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