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  1. Ops, yes I meant without Phil this would be so boring. “Hey Brooks, your mom and I had fun last night.” I was hoping to hear Bryson crackin jokes…..
  2. Maybe Rory could be Robin + drive the batmobile since Tiger doesn’t have the driving skills necessary
  3. This is a key point that I overlooked. Very astute observation my good sir. Even Tiger might not be able to afford insurance on the batmobile
  4. I will neither confirm nor deny your suspicions
  5. First of all: how dare you. Second of all: yes, happy hour
  6. We need to get back to basics here and start talking about important topics. If Batman was actually Tiger and if Spider Man was actually Bruce and if these two formidable heros had to fight to the death who would win?
  7. Hello Fam, had a nice time watching today and seeing so many US play well this week. Respect for Rory exposing a vulnerable moment. Feeling bad for Paddy Really hope Bruce and Bryson shotgun a brew-doggie tonight and burry the hatchet
  8. Justin Rose is excited to be part of the Morgan Stanley team.
  9. One of my clients has a son that played high level junior golf in California. They were around Collin a lot while the boys were juniors and my client told me it isn’t a show for the cameras - Collin is respectful and nice to everybody and has always been that way.
  10. I’m getting more and more into Sours. Seems like Sours are the new IPA - at least on the west coast
  11. I had one of those when I went to Chicago last month!
  12. I’ve been watching butchering/processing videos of bluefin tuna
  13. Max and Lewis must not like one another
  14. He seems like a nice young man, regardless
  15. Watching JRs swing in slow motion and seeing how little depth he gets is freaky yet he makes it work beautifully
  16. ebrasmus21

    Louie O

    Tough day today for LO - kind of feel for him
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