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  1. For Sale- Ping 410 Lst 9* Head only with adapter. Been played and has alignment stick scratch. $Sold
  2. City, Sate? Fort Wayne, INHandicap? 3Current gamer irons? Pxg 0311pWhy do you want to test the Sub70 639 forged irons? They are a very solid looking forged irons. I am very interested to personally test what how they perform against offering from bigger companies.What set do you want to test (MB, CB, or Combo)?Combo setDo you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and high quality photos? Yes Thank You WRX
  3. Fs- Dynamic Gold x100 Tour issue pulls 3-pw Tour Velvet midsize cords Standard length $150 Pending! KBS Ctaper 130x 4-pw pulls Standard length midsize velvet grips $105 Taylormade MG Raw 50* wedge head $ Sold Taylormade HiToe 56* head 8/10 cond. $55
  4. Fs- Mizuno 919 Tour 4-pw KBS Tour X softstepped plus .5" Excellent cond. Not factory reshaft. $Sold Taylormade MG 50* raw wedge head. Excellent cond. $65 Taylormade HiToe 56* Head 8/10 cond $65 Dynamic Gold x100 Tour Issue pulls 3-pw with Tour velvet midsize cords, good cond. Std length. $155 KBS Ctaper 130x 4-pw pulls good cond. Std length midsize velvet grips $125 All prices include shipping.
  5. 1- TM M3 Tour issue 8.5 True 8.9/2 open/196g no adapter/ high 240s ct Very clean $210 shipped 2- TM M3 440 Tour issue 10 True 9.8/1.1 open/196g no adapter/high 240s Very clean, 2 tiny Nick's in grey Sold
  6. > @Hughlock said: > You know it. Just like CT 255 exists. It's funny you dont know what your talking about but think you do. Good luck with the sale.
  7. This thread is a year and half old.
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