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  1. Nike Vapor Fly 3w. The only 3w I've ever enjoyed hitting. Doubt it ever leaves the bag
  2. I have the 3w and it's fantastic. I've been struggling to find a 3w for a while but this one won't be leaving the bag anytime soon.
  3. Stops the sweat from running down your arms and onto your hands.
  4. My hands sweat like crazy also. I've used several different grips my favorite 2 would be the Golf Pride New Decade MCC and the Winn Dri-Tacs. The Dri-Tacs wear out too quickly for me, but they're really good. One thing I suggest is wearing a wristband and your non glove hand that's helped me a ton.
  5. I won Tuesday practice round tickets. Can't wait to go! My first year in the lottery.
  6. Dri-Tacs are amazing. They wear out quick, but they don't destroy my hands like most cords. They also don't get super slippery in this awful Alabama humidity
  7. Cobra Amp. I used to average 275 carry with it, but now I'm averaging about the same as my 3wood. Not sure why, but I'm going to use it as an excuse to get a new one!
  8. 3 Wood. Hit it really well at the range earlier. I have considered getting the driver as well tho
  9. First Nike club I've had in forever. Ready to give it a go!
  10. I'm not meaning to hijack your thread but I didn't want to start a new one (and probably in the wrong section) but does anyone know of a good step by step tutorial of how to put custom paintfill on vokey wedges? TIA
  11. I love mine. I picked up probably 10-15 yards on every club (that might be because of the dyna-lite shafts.) I played Nike blades before and switched to these because i don't practice as much as i used to.
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