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  1. Previous Shoes sold, updated with current offering
  2. Need to clear out some shoes sitting around. shoes are brand new/never worn. Size 12 Jordan 5, V Golf Grape I may add others as well! 270, Shipping included. Will entertain offers. No trades at this time please.
  3. AZIT worn once, was too tight for my foot. Shipping from CA 140$ OBO, shipped.
  4. 2 Defaced Franklins from Swag Still in Plastic 1 Black Blade 1 Black Mallet 125 Each, shipping not included. Price Drop 8/28/20
  5. Mine shipped. Originally showed June. Now shows 5/28. Didn’t pay for fast shipping etc
  6. I have a few golf rain jackets with a hood
  7. La city Owned operated courses are open.
  8. Can you attend the event April 1st through 3rd? Yes! Have you tried Motore X or Ventus? What ones? I have not Why are you excited to get fit for Motore X? I have outgrown my shaft, and am looking to upgrade and improve my game. What Motore X, F1 or F3, do you think would fit your swing? F3, I would like a higher launch Current driver specs (head, shaft, grip, length)? Taylormade M5 with a Graffalloy Pink Shaft in Stiff, with a standard pure grip. Not sure of length Were you fit for your current driver? No Handicap? 22 Current City and State? Los Angeles, CA Can you 100%, for sure, really attend the event? Yes
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