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  1. Just an update. I played pine dunes on monday and once again it was in great shape.
  2. Whats that new looking building beside 10 tee they keep on showing?
  3. Tried it for about a month and its all about dispersion for me. The 4 iron well hit or not tends to stay more online than the hybrid, then there is the gapping issue, the moonball/ spin issue and the left ball problem.
  4. Well done sir. I enjoyed the write up and pictures.
  5. Man that site is a serious rabbit hole. Thanks for the link
  6. I play that exact shaft and thats what mine looks like. The only difference is the tm custom etching.
  7. Didn’t know it was flightscope. Thanks for being helpful.
  8. What’s the address to the trackman page where you put in the speed, spin and elevation and it gives you the number? thanks.
  9. wet and cold. courses will close due to wetness but they will dry out between rainy weeks. Cold is a relative term but with humid low forties, wet with a little north breeze it feels below freezing.
  10. Good shape overall small nicks on top line are visible at address. Scotty Cameron Pistolero grip (the grip I like to play FYI). $115
  11. Not saying one way or another, but a buddy accidently hit a rock tee marker with his epic and this is exactly what it looked like.
  12. You should really be on their staff after all your years of support! Why didn't you go with the 7 series?
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