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  1. Set was bought new in plastic, used for less than 5 rounds with normal bag chatter. No adjustments to L,L and L (38" 5 iron) have been made $sold
  2. Water resistant. Absolutely Any manufacture that says water proof is probably not being completely honest.
  3. Thats a nice set up. You could sell it all separately and get more than $900 IMO
  4. Thanks. Emailing in worked they already got back to me with a code
  5. I called in for a second time this morning and even though I was on the list the had my email wrong again. You should probably call in soon otherwise its going to be a, "whoops sorry we got your info wrong and the contest is closed". I'm afraid im going to be in that category soon
  6. Get a good idea for the yardage for your tee shot on 8 at pebble
  7. Finally some solid confirmation. Thank you sir.
  8. I called the number thats on the beginning of the fourth page. It was not Callaway as the person said "callaway should have all the emails out by the end of the week."
  9. Ok boys. Call in and confirm your info is correctly entered. I didn’t want to bother them but had a free few minutes and decided to confirm. They had my email address wrong but she said it should still be ok.
  10. Did they seem put out by you calling?
  11. May be getting greedy but that triple diamond DS looks sweet but its just in the video. https://www.callawaygolf.com/golf-clubs/drivers/drivers-2021-ta-epic-speed-td.html
  12. Nothing yet. I’m sure if it happens lots of people will message in at the same time.
  13. Interested in the results. I'm leaning towards the Max LS with either the RDX blue or Black. Let us know what you find out.
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