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  1. I’ve been playing the king cb/mb combo set for 2 seasons now and am in the exact same boat. The misses are punished immensely, which isn’t surprising considering the type of iron they are. Another issue I have is the excessive amount of spin I tend to generate with them which causes even more distance loss. I found that the 902 upped ball speed and knocked down spin a bit but still look fantastic
  2. I second this. I just switched from a '17 M1 440 and believe me it wasn't for a lack of distance. This is still the longest driver I've ever hit
  3. definitely a good point, but continuous refinement is what eventually leads to breakthroughs. With limits in place, the breakthroughs/game-changers won’t be as significant, but with that said the new trend seems to be expanding the area of the face with the max COR, which is definitely a game changer for those who miss the center (myself, often, included)
  4. Agreed. I think a more notable TM thing is the sliding weights. Yeah, others have since done that, but with the exception of that one Mizuno MP driver (correct me if I’m wrong here), TM pioneered what the sliding weights can do. What twist face should’ve done is made players realize that bulge and roll are their friend on a driver face.
  5. This is what I was thinking too. Maybe Ping are trying to begin the “S” cycle but with an “i” nomenclature instead? If this is the iBlade 2.0 people have mentioned, then I’m in.
  6. My backup driver (2017 M1 440) has a motore speeder 6.2 ts and the thing is absolute money. Had the 8.2 ts in a SLDR 3 wood for a few years and same thing
  7. I think you guys might be on different pages. I have the King Forged 2018/19 with the tungsten in the sole and toe. The King Forged Tour was the split cavity from a couple years ago that was like the AP2, for comparison. It had tungsten everywhere, lol
  8. I know it's been mentioned elsewhere that G425 has been trademarked by PING for clubs, headcovers, hats, etc., but it's not too clear when that update is coming. With that said I think it's worth noting that the G410 line is nowhere to be found on the GD hot list for 2020, whereas the iBlade is listed. Could be an indicator that an update to the G lineup could be closer than we think, and an iBlade update may not be? edit: In hand pics page 16 in this thread... Click link here
  9. Exactly; it's also worth noting that the Epic Flash hasn't gone down in price. Callaway are intending to release essentially two lines, just in alternating years. Yes, the Mavrik is DIFFERENT than the Epic Flash, as the Rogue was different from the OG Epic, but it isn't a direct replacement.
  10. I've got the combo set 4-pw and they're so pure. The MB's especially are surprisingly not too bad to hit. The CB's have a touch of forgiveness, not a ton, but are super pleasing from the looks/sound/feel standpoint.
  11. its down there somewhere just take another look
  12. Best part about ST-190 is that it will be a 2019 model without the price tag of one, especially on the resale market. Really good head, and definitely not the lowest spinning.
  13. Most of my experience has been with the models in the shotmakers category, but it’s really crazy how close most irons are in this category in terms of performance. When there’s little real estate to work with in terms of head size, it’s impressive that so much tech can be in there. Personally, I’m in the Cobra King Forged CB/MB because they were the most consistent for my needs during testing; mind you, I hit everything under the sun and it was between these and the Ping i210 for me. With that said, I think the important thing is to be open to anything that could work. Just because an iron is labeled one thing doesn’t mean it’s exclusively for low, mid, or high handicaps.
  14. Old: 2017 M1 440 8.5* Tour AD GP 7x New: Ping G410 LST 9* Tour AD GP 7x There’s been absolutely nothing longer for me than the M1 440, verified by several fittings this year, but the G410 LST is so much straighter. The shaft sure is a lot for my swing speed, but seems to work for some reason. Old: Taylormade SLDR 14* Motore Speeder TS 8.3 New: Mizuno ST 190 TS Atmos TS 7s Ah yes, my SLDR. Unmatched ball speed still but the time has come for my rusty-faced beauty to be retired for the bomber that is the ST 190. 3 wood is in a transitional role for me this year, as I intend to use it as an option off the tee more often. So we’ll see how this one goes.
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