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  1. I still believe the addition of the Peacock to the logo was the start of a years long transition to “NBC Sports 2.” This is going down exactly like Fox’s handling of Speed channel.
  2. This is interesting because half of WRX wants all spectators to be removed from tournaments and in fact have anyone who considers attending a professional golf tournament shot… …and the other half here bemoan fans being kicked out and have likely already retained Gloria Allred for these individuals to sue the tour, the course, all police departments within a 180-mile radius, and God himself.
  3. Absolutely. All brimmed hats protect the back and side of your neck when your head is bent at a downward angle. As is well known.
  4. I am in no position to be an expert but wanted to second the Xcaliber shafts. I simply can’t imagine the higher end shafts will feel or perform any differently. I also have two of Maltby’s shafts in woods and can’t tell any difference, but will leave that comparison to others.
  5. Are there irons you feel more confident with than others. E.g. 9-iron over 5-iron?
  6. Of the top 100 in the Race to CME globe standings, 33 golfers play under the flag of what we would consider an "Asian country." This of course excludes any Americans and others (Lydia Ko) that might be of Asian descent. Of the top 100 in the FedEx cup standings, 6 golfers play under the flag of what we would consider an "Asian country." If anything Asian players have a far higher winning percentage than their representation on the PGA tour would normally dictate.
  7. That doesn’t make a lot of sense. You penalize two strokes for a known incorrect scorecard but don’t DQ because presumably the player or marker didn’t know of the infraction during play….
  8. What do you “fix” in order to prevent whatever serious incident you’re referring to? You mean someone inebriated attacking a player? Ban alcohol and someone might still get in some altercation. Ban fans? Okay. Might be fine for most tournaments to survive. But you’d lose some. And not sure the sponsors would be thrilled with losing hospitality. So what do you fix?
  9. Let’s go in a different direction…. If there was no commentary or audio at all on any golf broadcast… …would there be 30% or 40% less posts on this forum every week? Your thoughts.
  10. Is a common theme that specific types of changes, specifically certain shafts and grip, are causing the delay among multiple manufacturers?
  11. Phoenix Open is loaded with paid security and a little bit of law enforcement. More so than any other tournament I’ve been to, including Augusta.
  12. You mean if this PGA win isn’t his last major win then he will win more majors? Eaaaaaassssy going out on that limb there.
  13. Consistency is highly overrated. Was Tiger playing fantastically before his Masters win? Phil’s overall record these past 16-18 months doesn’t mean he cannot win another major. Which was the original question. he showed for a week on a tough course he can play very well and win. I don’t think anyone is saying he’s going to go on a tear, at least not many here think that. I think I saw a few. perhaps pump the brakes hard on reading these awful posts that irritate you? Then pump them again? You realize that’s redundant right because pumping implies you…yknow what never mind.
  14. I apologize if I am ignoring your request not to give advice. But, I don't have any idea why one would need to prioritize one over the other. I also don't think that people not playing forgiving drivers and other woods is "driving up scores" is anywhere close to reality. The hundreds of factors for most golfers shooting higher scores (than what, one is inclined to ask) cannot be simplified like that. In my opinion, at least. Back to your question, if we could magically give everyone more forgiving woods and keep their irons the same, it wouldn't lower scores substantially. "Forgiving" isn't universal for everyone and doesn't automatically follow that the golfer hits better shots.
  15. Yes, pretty much. It is. Please consider yourself dutifully shamed and act accordingly.
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