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  1. I would say that an online lesson can be as good as a physical lesson provided that you get a clear instruction what to work on: drills with a feedback mechanism. The feedback mechanism is either a physical barrier or relentlessly using mirrors and videos to see if you get it right. Thinking that you do something correctly and actually doing it correctly are very often not the same thing. Hours and hours of stick drills and still taking the club inside and flat in a real swing. Finally, I now get it but you really have to put the work in. By the way: I also recommend Dan C. Very g
  2. It is probably individual but I play so much better now that I finally play with "hands in club head out". ... and sorry Dan but this is thanks to you and the stick drill which you prescribed for me
  3. I am not a doctor but as mentioned before, everybody with pain should at least read Dr. Sarno's book before deciding to seek treatment by a chiropractor, physical therapist or surgeon. Very often, there is no direct correlation between a so-called bad back and pain. Quite often, however, there is a direct correlation between emotions and physical pain. For example, the body really likes to create pain when you have fear for something, even the fear of not being able to play golf.
  4. For a lot of people the trouble starts immediately during the take away and back swing. The arms get disconnected from the body already there and it is too hard to reconnect them timely again in the down swing.
  5. As said before set up and you might find this video on the take away helpful.
  6. The info on the website suggests that you get some mini springboard effect.
  7. I use: oooooone, two (maybe one or two oo's too many).
  8. Very informative about ground forces (around the 6:0 mark) the Bryson way according to Harrington ---- and more!
  9. Are you sure that you have the club face closed when you come down into impact? Maybe your club face is too open and you use your shoulders and hands (OTT) to close the face? Most people need to open up and get the shaft forward to avoid the hook.
  10. You cannot just get your hands forward. You would completely miss the ball. It needs to be in combination with more forward bend and a more forward ball position. Look at Tiger, his butt is back and he is much more bend over.
  11. Quite a few of his students have been doing that lately. Look at his Instagram.
  12. And he probably still hits a fade.
  13. I watch these videos of Rory practicing regularly. Seems so easy. https://www.instagram.com/p/COJJMuMLsD2/
  14. When I compare my swing with good players I notice that my left hip and knee are moving towards the target line too much. I think that this makes it overly difficult to get the hip and knee back again in the down swing. I see many people on the Forum here that have a similar issue. Anybody out there that solved this issue?
  15. I am really grateful that Brendan introduced me through his channel to Milo Lines.
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