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  1. Yes, he can. Most other people ….. not so much.
  2. The motorcycle move is executed by more than 95% of tour players. Some do it earlier and some do it later. Tour players are also incredibly gifted and can get away with doing it later. Most amateurs could benefit from doing it earlier is the theory these days because they don’t have magic hands and are not able to consistantly square the face by doing it later.
  3. Hardly a dogma if 95% of current tour players do it.
  4. Not only Monte. Most of the good instructors these days.
  5. I agree that he has said some unhelpful stuff but the general concept in this first video is not so bad.
  6. I think that it is important to include the left arm as well in the release pattern. If the left arm stalls, the right will as well. This video might help.
  7. And what are those swing thoughts that they interfere with good info?
  8. Watched the video and really liked it. The only thing which confused me slightly was the cast on the counter top and the cast 2 feet behind the ball versus the cast to 8 o’clock in the NTC videos. Not sure how these moves connect.
  9. Maybe I missed it but I am surprised that this video of AMG did not get any attention here. Certainly, it opened my eyes on how the shoulders are working in a good golf swing.
  10. I prefer the Monte NTC drill by setting the club rather in front of me (towards the forehead). For me, the Faldo drill transfers too much to an inside take away in my real swing.
  11. Just to add that it also need to go around not just down. For me as a feeling that is very important.
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