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  1. Great addition to this thread. Chris mentioned that his stock shot is a fade. Is this your stock shot as well? Do you think that the left shoulder down and less right tilt is easier to implement when hitting fades? Personally, I think that I often right tilt too much because of the desire to hit a draw. Can the feeling of left shoulder down also be described as a feeling of a slight over the top with the shoulders?
  2. Monte explains this very well in his NTC video
  3. Not all of his back swing is slow. Only until left arm parallel. https://www.instagram.com/p/CHlPIbYpYSk/
  4. You need talent clearly but these guys practice hours a day for decades. It’s a combination of talent and really hard work.
  5. The thought is that you move your left shoulder along the club as shown. This will create a rather steep shoulder plane slightly to the inside with the right shoulder moving behind the head. The arms are supposed to stay fairly passive. Better to read the book. It is very short and is available for free with Kindle Unlimited.
  6. This worked for me as well many years back when I used the back swing thought in this book. https://www.amazon.com/FINALLY-revolutionary-significantly-distance-accuracy-ebook/dp/B00342WI42/ref=sr_1_3?crid=DEHNI9L5DEPH&dchild=1&keywords=tamayo+golf&qid=1605018189&sprefix=Tamayo%2Caps%2C163&sr=8-3
  7. It might very well feel very shut if you had it open before. It should definitely be more shut than what you had at address.
  8. This ^ + feel like you stay closed with your hips and shoulders longer in transition ie arms come down first and only then turn the shoulders. Now you have a bit of a steep over the top move.
  9. We would have to see a video of your swing and some comments as to what you coach wants you to do. Otherwise, your post will not get you anything useful from here. I do not agree with the general comments that you should just swing your swing and get better with what you have. Wolff and Watson are complete outliers and were already shooting in the 60's at a very young age. Of course, you would be careful to change anything for such a gifted athlete. For us lesser gods, we can really benefit from getting certain things in the right positions. Most instructors these days seem to roug
  10. Question about the Video 7 Transition drill. The transition move is to keep the body closed and to move the pressure forward by an increase of the flex in the lead knee. I find that I need to consciously think about keeping the lead hip back when increasing the flex in the knee (and engage the lead glute during that move). Otherwise, the left hip shoots forward with the knee and I do not seem to have enough time later on to get the left hip back where it needs to be during impact and beyond. The (quick) move from lead toes to lead heel is really difficult for me and I think that on the golf co
  11. I have committed to solely focus on Montes videos on NTC and use the bounce. I am first trying to shorten the back swing according the NTC. I am actually surprised how contorted and twisted the wrists feel when I do it exactly like Monte shows it. I am obviously far from where I need to be but the first results are promising. This is todays driver swing. It went straights with a slight draw. Distance about 245. I think it is slightly better than the swing I posted earlier and I feel that the back swing can be further shortened up and perhaps the right arm could be a bit straighter.
  12. Actually found a junior doing the stick drill. Talking about an unrestricted hip turn in the backswing!
  13. Monte has said quite a few times that if you stay closed a little longer that it is likely that you will be more open later in the swing. So perhaps that could be the sequencing thing? Not racing the hips open so quickly so that they still have an opportunity to do it later on?
  14. I have always wondered about this. How do they teach children? I doubt that they tell them the same things as adults? Or maybe they do? Would be nice to see some videos on youth instruction and what the real focus is. That might be enlightening.
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