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  1. Probably good to give some credit to Be Better Golf for getting us on the Dr Kwon track!
  2. You need to watch the videos and read the thread.
  3. Would these body moves be the true secret of golf and the rest just hand/eye coordination separating the good from the mediocre? A bit too bold of a statement?
  4. My understanding is that it is a mix of both.
  5. I think no turn cast goes very well together with Dr. Kwon's moves. Monte also wants to keep the body closed in transition. The unhinge move and other wrists moves from NTC are still necessary for many people.
  6. Does it make a difference whether you hit a fade or a draw? Fade more forward, draw not so much?
  7. After watching quite a few videos of Dr Kwon and attempting to practice what he teaches with ropes and kettlebells for the last few weeks I can say that the first results on the golf course are really encouraging. I have been notoriously bad with my driver for the last 10 years or so and have only used the 3 wood when playing tournaments. Last Friday, I hit driver in a match play tournament qualifier and have never hit my driver as straight and long. Also, my other clubs went further and with more ease and with more solid contact. My arms now feel more relaxed and seem to follow the body rather than hitting at the ball. It is early days but it is encouraging. I always had a feeling that my hips were not properly moving but I could never fix that by doing butt on the wall/chair drills or other drills. These more dynamic, rhythmic drills that Dr. Kwon teaches seem to stick in the muscle memory much better. As I said, it is early days, but I have for the first time the feeling that I am swinging rather than hitting at the ball.
  8. Aha! All the time I thought is was just ulnar!
  9. Anyone working with the kettlebell. This student of Dr. Kwon seems to really benefit from it.
  10. So maybe, just maybe, the wrist movements are more important than 5%?
  11. The Dr Kwon drills definitely seem to help with that by making the pivot more natural.
  12. But he does teach it though.
  13. I agree. It depends. Therefore, I do not think you can talk in absolutes in golf because we are all so different. On the other hand, his position will change as soon as he will move his lead leg and pelvis to the target.
  14. Yes, he does. https://www.instagram.com/p/CDow8ZhD-pD/
  15. And then there are instructors who say that your body moves incorrectly because you have an open club face! That a practice swing means nothing.
  16. Are these just some random guys who almost hit it as far as Bryson?
  17. So kind of throwing your right arm/side under your left arm?
  18. It that Martin Ayers of Secret Golf? Long time ago, he had some strange (secret ) back swing move that he could not really explain in words. I get the same feeling here. Cannot explain what he wants somebody to do.
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