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  1. 1 hour ago, MrHateCoffee said:

    @glk Are you no longer doing No Turn Cast?


    I think no turn cast goes very well together with Dr. Kwon's moves. Monte also wants to keep the body closed in transition. The unhinge move and other wrists moves from NTC are still necessary for many people.

  2. After watching quite a few videos of Dr Kwon and attempting to practice what he teaches with ropes and kettlebells for the last few weeks I can say that the first results on the golf course are really encouraging. I have been notoriously bad with my driver for the last 10 years or so and have only used the 3 wood when playing tournaments. 


    Last Friday, I hit driver in a match play tournament qualifier and have never hit my driver as straight and long. Also, my other clubs went further and with more ease and with more solid contact. My arms now feel more relaxed and seem to follow the body rather than hitting at the ball. It is early days but it is encouraging. I always had a feeling that my hips were not properly moving but I could never fix that by doing butt on the wall/chair drills or other drills. These more dynamic, rhythmic drills that Dr. Kwon teaches seem to stick in the muscle memory much better. As I said, it is early days, but I have for the first time the feeling that I am swinging rather than hitting at the ball.

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  3. 32 minutes ago, Forged4life said:

    Yea I guess they are cupped (flexed). Disaster move for me. 

    simple man’s eyes it looks like they’re hands are literally as far away as possible from their left knee while maintaining the golden triangle. POWER 


    So maybe, just maybe, the wrist movements are more important than 5%?

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  4. 4 minutes ago, MtlJayMan said:

    I think this is a common fault that isn't talked that much... people are told to keep primary tilt (forward bend) since they usually lose it (natural move of an inside takeaway and leveling shoulders) - so they keep that primary tilt by 'heaving' (letting their lead shoulder 'dive in')... which causes a series of no-no -> maxed out trail hip early -> disconnected arms raising -> pelvis creeping closer to the ball -> losing secondary tilt (upper body towards target and hips back)... and the ensuing lovely needed compensations to try and hit the ball: EE / stall / flip


    The Dr Kwon drills definitely seem to help with that by making the pivot more natural.

  5. 4 minutes ago, airjammer said:

    I think it depends on the person. He definitely has said recently that keeping some forward bend increases the stretch in transition. The stretch he’s talking about in essence the left lat stretch you feel if you have good separation between upper and lower halves. 

    As you can see in this picture this guy wouldn’t have a much stretch since is left shoulder and left hip are pretty much in a line vertically. 


    I agree. It depends. Therefore, I do not think you can talk in absolutes in golf because we are all so different. On the other hand, his position will change as soon as he will move his lead leg and pelvis to the target.

  6. 19 minutes ago, Nels55 said:

    I understood Kwon to mean that 95% of learning the swing is getting the body motion.  The wrist motion is not a problem and might require a slight adjustment to straighten out ball flight providing that the body motion is correct. 


    And then there are instructors who say that your body moves incorrectly because you have an open club face! That a practice swing means nothing.

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  7. 11 hours ago, glk said:

    If a genie told me I could have either the full body motion of my favorite tour player not including the wrists or just the wrist motion, it is an easy choice for me.   


    And your choice is?

  8. 5 minutes ago, MPStrat said:

    This concept is extremely simple but it’s a perception thing vs an anatomical checklist. He wants the golfer to stay, from their perception, inside and under the lead arm. Think of the lead arm from your perception in the swing, as a barricade between yourself and the ball. If the golfer keeps their body inside and under this barricade, they will reap the potential advantages that he highlights. If they pull down, the barricade has been crossed. 


    So kind of throwing your right arm/side under your left arm?

  9. 1 hour ago, MPStrat said:

    I wanted to share a video relevant to the discussion. For those who have not seen this, It might help you understand what Dr Kwon means when he says not to pull the arms down. If you are able to understand the concepts in this video it could be one of the most valuable things you’ve ever learned in the golf swing. It was for me. Or if you don’t understand it, you can dismiss it as rubbish and move on. I’m good with either. 



    It that Martin Ayers of Secret Golf? Long time ago, he had some strange (secret ) back swing move that he could not really explain in words. I get the same feeling here. Cannot explain what he wants somebody to do.

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