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  1. You really don't want your left knee to lock out. That will cause injuries. There are many excellent videos on YouTube about the pivot. Just put golf pivot in the search bar. I would start there. Better, of course, is taking a lesson from a good instructor.
  2. Am I an outlier when I say that the back swing part actually seems to be helping me the most?
  3. You will need to move that right hip much further back and keep it there longer. You actually move your pelvis forward during the back swing and then further forward during the down swing (early extension). If you can hit driver consistently a straight 280 yards from what you do now then you might not want to change it.
  4. Yeah, I feel laggy as well and I guess that's a good feel.
  5. The stopping aspect is a bit more than pressure of the lead foot. You need to actually move you body back again in the follow through. Most people call it bracing. Tucking your butt in under you and leaning slightly back with your upper body. So it is: shift - turn - shift - turn - brace.
  6. That's kind of Stack & Tilt or even a reverse pivot. Re- centering means that you shift away from the center and then shift back. In your example, you never shift away from the center. The whole concept of the re-centering is that you move dynamically from left to right, then from right to left. That's how you can create a lot more power. If you over-do the shift to the left with both your lower and upper body you would fall over.
  7. The shift, turn, shift, turn with re-centering looks like the gold standard of using the ground optimally and most athletically. At least, that's how the best in the world do it.
  8. My guess is that actually a lot of people need to consciously think re-centering. Too many stay back over their right leg with their upper body and only move their lower body to the lead foot.
  9. Hard to say without seeing your swing. Usually, you would have to go back the chain to see if anything else would be hindering you to keep the left shoulder down. Could be a less optimal back swing, open club face in transition, pivot motion etc
  10. Nuff said about that guy. My issue is actually getting rid of shallowing by getting the right shoulder down. Watching this video is painful.
  11. Just to add that I prefer for myself the staying closed longer as taught by Monte and AMG.
  12. Dana has put some really good live lessons on YouTube lately. Some interesting perspectives.
  13. I re-watched this video and it really is astounding to me how different pro's are from ams.
  14. You might benefit from still doing some work on the 7 o'clock back swing. I think that you pull the arms a little bit too much behind you without enough wrist hinge. Just my 50 cents.
  15. The shallowing of the shaft has to go together with the unhinging of the wrists. These are clearly conscious moves for somebody that has been steep in transition. I think that Larry explains this well.
  16. If it is for indoor use you are better off with a simple, full length standing mirror.
  17. This kind of bag is used by Bradley Hughes for his drills. https://www.amazon.com/Large-Duffle-Bag-Military-Backpacking/dp/B0835W65M4/ref=pd_sbs_198_7?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B0835W65M4&pd_rd_r=d521a1f6-c428-4fcd-afa0-0cba31083062&pd_rd_w=z8lgW&pd_rd_wg=N9RgV&pf_rd_p=3ec6a47e-bf65-49f8-80f7-0d7c7c7ce2ca&pf_rd_r=CRK6X693RXVAJYWRRN8G&psc=1&refRID=CRK6X693RXVAJYWRRN8G
  18. Is it not simply the feeling of staying closed a little longer to avoid the OTT?
  19. Thanks, yes, better done with an alignment stick.
  20. Straightening the right arm. Could not find the video without the annoying music.
  21. In the beginning he just used a piece of wood of 1" x 18" x 12".
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