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  1. Pitching or putting?? I’m putting!
  2. Does Woodland’s swing have a little stack and tilt in it?
  3. It might be because I like pseudo-free stuff, but I prefer the online masters coverage [with their commercial breaks] to NBC Gold’s credit card required online bonus coverage. Hats off to Augusta!!
  4. But we have to give the Links credit for going grass for the range! I was there this afternoon and finally getting off mats was nice!
  5. Think of golf, hockey or shady entrance to ivy league schools, cash is king. Your kid’s going to need a little help. Where did you put that checkbook again?
  6. Where’s Gretzky in the tight dress running onto the green, hmmmm?
  7. If he fell apart, what did those who didn’t make the cut do?
  8. I don’t know...the three people that made up the gallery looked hap...uhh, present.
  9. Hmmmmm....It’s interesting that it’s okay to discuss a player giving some or all of his check to hurricane or earthquake victims, but the question of making a check in a dubious location is off limits. Both can and often do have political implications.
  10. I agree! I found it interesting to hear the different opinions on whether to go there and play...Brandel surprised me with a sturn stance against going OR watching the event.
  11. C'mon HOF, to those who don't want to acknowledge TW's golfing greatness, there will be some reason why....Wait! I know...the moon wasn't full when he won today. Had it been, a twenty-something would have certainly pulled out a victory.
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