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  1. Aloha is a very good club fitters, they are upfront and truthful. I went there about a year ago and was happy with the result, my buddy just went last month and they took care of him.
  2. If you can get access to Kadena Air base the course there is pretty decent. They also built a new military course that isn't located on an actual base that you may be able to get on, the name escapes me right now but it is nice. Most of the local courses are harder to get on as a single as most of them are private per se. Visit the local golf shop located on main highway, you will see some interesting items there. Enjoy your trip and safe travels.
  3. If you are playing the base courses try Fort Eustis and if you have time drive down and play NAS Oceana. All are good military tracks Eustis has 27 and Oceana has 36, I don't know the condition they are in because it has been a few years since I played there. But those were my favorites whenever I was there TDY.
  4. Just heat the butt end up a bit and then it should pull right out.
  5. When I lived there, they had a store called Golf 5. It was on the main drag right outside of Kadena, but it wasn't cheap also check the Hyper-mart. My Buddy just left to go there to become the director of golf at the new course, I think it is named Tahiyo. He is good people and a great golfer and fun to play with, enjoy the island and don't be afraid to venture out to some of the local courses, they are short but tight.
  6. When I had my dual balance X5 cut down the weight was in the shaft, so you will have to pull the grip and then a little heat on the weight and shaft then pull the weight out.
  7. A friend of mine had this scale and he just googled Kenneth smith swing weight scale conversion. It is a awesome scale
  8. Chris welcome to this site, I was stationed at tyndall about five years ago, too bad they closed the course there. It was a good track with the potential to be great, enjoy the game and play bay dunes until you fine tune your game. Try Elgin and hulbert courses as they are good tracks, also sunny hills is a nice track out in the middle of nowhere. Good luck with this game and your AF life.
  9. I have the CMB's and when I changed the shafts most clubs did have tip weights installed in them, so weights were the 4 grams and some were the 6 grams.
  10. Try Toby down at Las Vegas golf and tennis down by the strip, he has been around here a long time and use to buold/adjust all of the UNLV guys stuff back in the day. You can also try Vegas Golf inc on decatur and sahara, they are pretty good and fair on prices.
  11. That was a good laugh i needed on this Monday morning, thanks
  12. Make sure they pull the plastic plus on the end before heat is applied
  13. TJ I had a family emergency and I had to come to az. I will be back this Sunday, my group is playing legacy sat at 11, if you want me to set you up. We will hook up next weekend if you are still there.
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