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  1. I ran to the range a couple days ago for the first time this season. Haven't played a round yet either. Normally I suffer from a heavy slice and my miss is off the toe. I may have had two slices on a large bucket. I filtered through nearly all my clubs and hit anything from a draw, push draw and hook. Hook being as heavy as the slice. I went to the range to see if I could slow my swing down and get rid of the slice so I'm thinking I'm on the right track. Do you know of any drills that help with consistency or do you all have any advice? I realize there's not a lot of information here but thought maybe some of you had similar experiences. Thanks.
  2. Maybe stick with what you have and get a lesson. Once your swing is fairly consistent this summer try some used clubs out at the store. Then get fit for a used set of sgi or gi irons
  3. Depending on where the ball is, one of my Vokey SM4's. Either the 54/11 or 58/6.
  4. I can't speak for the Amp Cell, but the AMP is very forgiving. I hit them better that the Amp Cell. And the price was right so I jumped. They're long and high. 1 hop stop on the greens. I came from Eye2 irons and the AMP was much more forgiving on miss hits. Get to a shop and try them both. Try everything from last year for that matter
  5. I would go out to some local stores and start hitting their used iron sets. Do the whole process of elimination thing and pick up a set that feels the best to you and you hit the best. Even if it's out of your price range hit the irons, you could pick the same set up off ebay, the bst here or an online shop like 2ndswing possibly in your price range. Go at it with the mentality of "best bang for your buck". Then spend the extra cash on at least 1 lesson. Lessons are crucial to improving your game. Especially since you're so new. You'll be a great student. Hey, and welcome to the forum
  6. Congrats! That's awesome to see how much they care about their customers. I'm wrong handed too .
  7. Here's mine: Ping G15 10.5* Cleveland FL3W 15* Cleveland HiBore XL 19* Hybrid Cleveland HiBore XLS 22* Hybrid Cobra AMP 5-GW Irons Titleist Vokey SM4 54/11 Titleist Vokey SM4 58/6 Cleveland Classic II Putter
  8. I myself have had great luck buying left handed options. Actually I just bought two Vokeys in the exact specs I wanted for $65 a piece and and they were brand new SM4's. Also picked up a Cleveland 3 wood on Friday with the original tag at 199.99, not at the tent sale though. Picked it up with head cover for $60. It doesn't bother me to play last year's model. Or even the year before for that matter.
  9. This is exactly what I like to see. I assumed this post would really bring out the golf snobs and bash all over my stats and bag. Glad I was wrong. Thanks a lot guys for the supportive comments.
  10. Well the 22 degree HiBore XLS is like 2008 I believe, but it's 190 Yards and straight every time. Perfect replacement for the 4 iron. 19 degree is around 205 but I can't hit it as well. Maybe later if I find a more forgiving replacent I'll splurge on hybrids.
  11. I've finally got my bag where I need it: Ping G15 10.5 degree Cleveland FL 3 Wood 15 degree Cleveland HiBore XL 19 degree Cleveland Hibore XLS 22 Degree Cobra AMP 5-GW Titleist Vokey SM4 54/11 M grind Titleist Vokey SM4 58/6 L grind Just picked up the 3 wood yesterday and the Vokeys about 3 weeks ago. Yea I shot a 94 today and a 95 last week but I was shooting around 102 average last season and it's only April. My best round last season was a 95. Ive yet to visit a range this year either. Hopefully by the end of the fall I'll be playing consistent bogey golf. Just had to share guys. I know it's a mutt bag but it's working.
  12. Okay great. Thanks a lot by the way with the responses. I've got to rummage through my moms basement to find the rest of the iron set. If all are accounted for I'll be buying another set on ebay and get started.
  13. The shaft was cut only on the grip side. And the heads don't seem to be adjusted whatsoever for the length cut. I guess my true question is can I purchase used set of Ultradyne's on ebay and just take the shaft out like you would any other club and replace the original length shafts in my lefty set that I played as a kid? I didn't know if the process would be the same just with a different type of hosel and shaft configuration. If so I think I can just look up videos online and re-shaft them with original shafts.
  14. Guys, I've came across my first set of clubs, The Ultradyne II. My dad had these cut down for me when I was younger so they're about 6" shorter than standard length shafts. Just to have them around and possibly play once a year I'd like to buy a used set off the bay for cheap and use the shafts to replace my shorten ones (I'm a lefty). These shafts seem to go over the hosel of the iron head instead of the shaft into the hosel. Do you guys have any tips or does anyone have experience in doing this? Can I just replace the shafts like any other shaft at home? This will be a first time reshafting project for myself. Probably be a project I dig into this winter when I'm not playing as much as I would normally. Thanks in advance. Cassidy Bond
  15. Okay great. Is the 55 easy to hit with the face opened or is this a wedge you keep closed mostly?
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