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  1. A good effort by GB&I here away from home, especially considering the ranking discrepency. Proud of the Irish lads, Murphy and Power, put in a strong showing. Shame for it to end for Murphy with a short missed putt at the last.
  2. He was as bad as I've ever seen him play at the Masters. What a game golf is, so fickle. Great performance by Rory. Golf is so much the better for Spieth and Rory back near the top.
  3. There is of sorts where you only stay on Tour if you finish within a certain number of places, which means you must earn at least $600,000 or whatever. That $600,000 minimum is like your contract for playing that you have to earn.
  4. The mechanical approach has led him to majors, Olympics, big tournaments, great Ryder Cup performances etc. Just pipped by Garcia for this tournament in 2017. His scrambling when he had to improvise was excellent all week. Problem was he is just not playing anywhere near well enough to win a major. The first day was just an 11-hole hot streak out of nowhere and gave him a lead, but not representative of his game in recent times. It was for that reason I never believed he would win, never mind run away with it. The rest of the tournament he was constantly battling his sw
  5. Spieth's average performance in the Masters is incredible, to have 5 top 3 finishes by the age of 27. But still only the one win, when it definitely should be two, and possibly 3. He's good enough on that course to get near the 6 of Nicklaus, but probably needs to turn these high finishes into another win at Augusta if he wants to be considered one of the best ever on that course.
  6. Great to see how happy Matsuyama was to win, great smile. Was a tough day for him.
  7. I can empathise after all the times at my humble level I've got a birdie, got pumped up and then dumped the next shot into the water/out of bounds. He'll learn for next time.
  8. I kind of enjoy it because it's so bad, the awkwardness is funny to watch.
  9. Tiger shot 37 on the back 9 in 2005 en route to his victory, bogeying the final 2 holes to fall into a playoff. He shot 72 in the round. Matsuyama could shoot 37/38 on the back and shoot around 72 and still win. If he still wins, does it really matter how he finished? Nobody will remember it in 5 years.
  10. Matsuyama has still played brilliant golf, he's understandably nervous finishing off his first major. Anyone remember Tiger bogeyed the last 2 holes in 2005 Masters to fall into a playoff? Nicklaus, Palmer were not always faultless in the lead either.
  11. It was actually somewhat there for the taking if Schauffele hit a shot at 16 like Tiger did 2 years ago. But alas.
  12. Or Schauffele....4 birdies in a row is what we wanted to see. Interesting now.
  13. That Japanese commentary was the highlight of the evening lol.
  14. US Open par bogey fest...leader is -13, second is -9, 20 players under par...that's pretty standard Masters scoring?
  15. The one thing about Spieth's collapse was Willett took advantage and finished like a killer. He shot a final round 67, don't think that gets enough credit. As it's going, even if Matsuyama puts it in the water, only Zalatoris could possibly take advantage and it's a lot to ask an inexperienced player.
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