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  1. No it's still probably the best tournament course in the world, that was as easy as it gets yet Bryson 'it's a par 67' DeChambeau shot 73 and 74 two of the days.
  2. He is the second oldest ever winner of the Masters, he has matured nicely in his mid-40s compared to where he was 5 years ago. There's enough there to suggest he will contend again. He hadn't played great golf going into this year but if he gets any kind of form going into the next few years he has a chance.
  3. Although he showed all the same failings (failing on the first day under pressure and then free-wheeling to a high finish), I'm more convinced Rory McIlroy will win another major as well after this week. That's the best he's ever putted at Augusta and like Dustin if he just keeps putting himself in contention he's bound to win one. Some week it's going to all come together again.
  4. What a player and what a performance Dustin Johnson, one of the great major performances. Only 4 bogeys all week! Absolutely faultless, control and power, poise under pressure. Well deserved. Never felt right he had only won one major. Wouldn't be surprised if he wins 2 or 3 more.
  5. I have heard about golf ‘dying’ for years but it’s really never come about. Government policy and the virus is killing it momentarily in Ireland (courses closed again) but before that my home club gained 30-35 members this year, mainly young people. People really appreciated golf during this pandemic as a safe sport that has a lot of qualities. And I never heard anyone say the game was too easy because of equipment. You are far more likely to hear people give up golf because it’s too hard than it’s too easy or you hit it too far.
  6. The rough and greens stopped 90% of the players from scoring well. Just to remind you that +10 got you a top 25 finish. 7 players that made the cut finished +20 or worse. Tiger Woods finished +10 after 2 days, Champ and Stenson +11, Poulter +12, Mickelson +13, Spieth +14, Garcia +15, McDowell +16, Sung Kang +20. So it did largely work - also if you look at the final round, DeChambeau was the only player to play it under par and played it 3 under. It was a historically great round by Bryson, I don't think he plays like that every week. But how good he was from the rough is concerned
  7. For legal reasons, it was a bad mistake for an announcer to make. But it is also a fair thing to bring up given his transformation and if it was any other sport there would be more questions asked. But without any evidence, it's just not something you can publicly.
  8. People acting like hate of DeChambeau has come from nowhere when he has shown: Lack of sportsmanship (look up Richard McEvoy on the European Tour). Disregard for playing partners with slow play (various examples but look up Liberty National last year when he took 3 minutes to play a shot and 2 minutes to take a putt). Disregard for rules officials (Rocket Mortgage Classic trying to get a ruling from a fence and refusing to accept it, saying he got a "garbage ruling as usual", the ants incident). Expecting special treatment (the "garbage ruling", "don't film me it's d
  9. Has played great golf today but just not that interesting for me when he wins. On the course he is painfully slow and when things go bad he blames everyone but himself. Big, big driving but not the most aesthetically pleasing way of playing. Off the course he is quite quirky and entertaining, but if he was dominating the game I would find it off-putting.
  10. Dave230

    2020 US Open

    Yeah hitting into the rough makes it a pure luck game, even if you're good from it and have less club in, you're playing with fire and could end up with some awful lies. If he misses that many tomorrow and you add in the nerves of sitting on a 54-hole lead in the US Open, I can see him shooting 75 or 76 tomorrow. Question who takes it from him in that case? He has a nice cushion.
  11. Dave230

    2020 US Open

    My prediction for tomorrow is Louis Oosthuizen to be second once more, always sneaks under the radar at majors. Wolff is a star, brilliant performance today in tough conditions.
  12. Dave230

    2020 US Open

    Not a big fan but have to say Reed is playing some really great, gritty golf in very tough conditions.
  13. Dave230

    2020 US Open

    It's not just the course for Justin Thomas and Rory McIlroy, they've hit some awful shots today compared to yesterday. Reed not doing too badly and Morikawa and Simpson showing that it is possible to get some rewards with good golf.
  14. Dave230

    2020 US Open

    There's your test now, fellas, it's brutal out there.
  15. Dave230

    2020 US Open

    DeChambeau can't seem to go one week without seeming like an entitled a**, always everyone else's fault but his.
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