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  1. The golfing gods are really shining on you today!
  2. Rory was as unlucky as you can get. Hit the flagstick and went back into the bunker. Looked a perfect pitch. So frustrating. Turned birdie into bogey. That's the tournament right there.
  3. Morikawa is so good. That shot on 16 from the fairway bunker!
  4. Good to watch Rory and Morikawa playing together today. Still feels wrong that Morikawa is going to win the Race to Dubai though. He's only played 3 regular events. It's pandering by the Tour to allow him membership only playing 3 regular events. For example, Tiger Woods played 3 regular European Tour events in 2006, but couldn't win the Order of Merit.
  5. Golf seems to be one big scene where you propose an idea then somebody steals it. Happened on the European Tour as well. https://www.independent.ie/sport/columnists/paul-kimmage/paul-kimmage-how-john-mchenrys-dream-of-six-hole-golf-exposed-the-darker-side-of-the-gentlemans-game-37273821.html
  6. Slugger White as a police official: "I don’t know if he meant it, but he could not have been a better gentleman about robbing a bank.”
  7. Lee Trevino won his last major 10 years after his previous one. Ernie Els won his last major 10 years after his previous one. Phil Mickelson won his last major 8 years after his previous one.
  8. He's only 32 though, so probably a while to gloat quite just yet.
  9. I think we've seen so many players have mid-career dips and recover, it's a long career for these golfers, 20-30 years is very difficult to maintain level constantly, only a few players have done that (Rory better than almost anyone actually). Fowler looked done and looks much better again. Spieth lost it completely, now looks like he can win majors again. Garcia struggled to swing the club for a while, then eventually won the Masters in stunning fashion. Westwood finished a year 5th, then two years later finished one 182 in the world, then eight years later finished up 1st in the world. Moral of the story, never write anyone off. Golf is a fickle game, for better or for worse, and something could click for Rory all of a sudden - just look how he was at the Ryder Cup to how he was last week.
  10. Rickie's driver swing looked really good, hit some cracking drives. Strangely an old strength of short to mid-range putting has completely deserted him. But getting the swing back will put him in good shape going forward.
  11. Rory is listed on PGA Tour website as 5 foot 10, but that's very generous, I'd say 5 foot 8-ish. Looks small in person. Not quite 5 foot 1 small, but averages 320 off the tee, so height isn't everything.
  12. The course was so easy there wasn’t actually any drama at the end. Rory wasn’t at any risk of bogeying the final holes. The courses they play need a bit more danger in them.
  13. The marketing of the PGA Tour needs to change from always boasting about how much money they get. Nobody really cares if a millionaire gets $15 million instead of $10 million for the Fed Ex Cup, or gets $2.5 million instead of $2 million for the Players. It's the trophies and tournaments that matter, not the money. It's why more people were interested in the Solheim Cup than the Tour Championship this year. The money part of it matters for the players, but should be mentioned in a more subtle way I feel.
  14. Surely this is just a $10m payoff a year for Tiger for the next 10 years? If Tiger tops this without playing or doing anything for several months, then I can’t see anyone touching him for as long as he’s alive and eligible.
  15. 13th hole at the last Masters saw quite a few doubles last year if I remember, and plenty don't manage to birdie the hole. It's still one of the best holes in golf, an intentionally short par 3 or a short 4 is never lengthened, whereas a par 5 always seems to have to be. Leave it be.
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