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  1. interested in the Accra shaft, what is the best way to reach you?
  2. Thanks for the feedback. I needed to get a 6am round in over the weekend and ended up playing Kissena because it was the "cheapest" at $50 compared to all the other local courses at $70+. I usually don't like executive courses because the ones I've played completely eliminates any woods from your bag but surprisingly, I liked how Kissena allows you to be able to take driver off the tee or a long iron if you choose. Since relocating here, I've tried several courses to see what's worth coming back to and looking to try out the rest. So far, I've played: Marine Park Dyker Beach Van Cortlandt Kissena Douglaston But hearing the locals it looks like the only other ones worth considering are Clearview, Pelham Bay and Split Rock. i would definitely recommend Silver Lake on Staten Island. Not the longest track, but the course is usually in decent condition. It is very easily accessible from Manhattan -- subway to South Ferry, then a 20 minute ferry ride to Staten Island. If you call the course ahead, they have a free shuttle that will pick you up from the ferry and drop you off at the course.
  3. Would love to see if a tour-proven shaft can help an average golfer! 60x stiffin my 910d3 - bommmmber
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