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  1. Hello, Are you guys going to go with the G25 iron finish on the new i25's when they are introduced. Thanks. Mike.
  2. I'm curious if anybody on our forum has ever heard of the web site listed below. I was browsing reviews for the new Mizuno MP-53'S and found this site on the web. They are offering these irons for a crazy price and I was scratching my head at the their offerings on a number of brand name clubs. I have no intention of ordering from these guys because the old saying "If it looks to good to be true it probably is" ...is most likely the case but....anybody have any experience with this outfit? http://www.myprowholesale.com/goods-252-Wholesale+Mizuno+MP+53+Irons.html
  3. Thanks for your opinion. My odds of finding a ping rep. with diff. shafts to try out for a lefty is limited to say the least.
  4. I need some advice about the new shafts on the market. I am interested in the Ping V2 Rapture or the G15 driver. I have found several for sale at a good price but don't like the shafts that come with them. Most have stock TFC 149 etc... the last time I went to a demo day I thought they were a bit light and whippy. I have a UST Proforce on my current driver (stiff). Any suggestions on which shaft would work on either of these Ping drivers. I'm 46 and have a swing speed in the mid 90's. Thanks. Mike.
  5. Hi, I just got the Bennington stand bag and via a forum search saw that you owned one too. One thing concerns me and that is when I put the bag in my trunk, since the club heads stick out over the edge of the bag, the bag ends up being propped up. Will this cause my clubs to bend or will this break the tubes for each of the clubs? So far I have been pulling a few irons out when transporting this bag. I'd appreciate it if you let me know about your experiences with the bag via PM or you could just reply to this thread: Hi, I don't think you have anything to worry about. I keep my 4 &
  6. I broke down & decided to go with a buddy and get a lesson today. I had been consistantly pushing many of my shots and after the lesson found out that I had been not properly lining up correctly to the target & my shoulders were not square at address. I think I may have finally fixed my problem and the money for the lesson was well spent. Anyway while my buddy was getting his lesson I was poking around the club shop and found a couple of super deals in the sale bin. I am a lefty so finding clubs in the sale rack are few and far between....never the less while snooping arou
  7. Gripmaster hands down!! Every other grip is a distant second compared to these...and they wear like iron...saves money in the long run.
  8. This is what I would recommend....forgiving name brand irons....with a resale value that will be worth something once you decide to get something else. At this level of irons, you need to watch the brand name....and Callaway is a good one. (I don't play Callaway...but I did...and have turned a lot of beginners to them who have either traded to different Callaways or another brand). Totally agree wtih Meanmachine....you can't go wrong here....and would suggest not going the component or knock off brands as you will never get any money for them in the future. I agree with Wolfgame!! I woul
  9. I tested them both along with a few other irons last year and I decided upon the G5's. I liked the custom options with Ping as well as the durability. I personally didn't like the Cobra's because they had no feel what so ever....it felt like swinging a brick and the feel of a well struck ball had no feel at all. I would suggest grabbing several clubs in a 6 or 7 iron and try them out and see what feels right for you and your swing.
  10. I feel your pain!! I went through the same thing with my long irons. I bought a Baffler in a 2 iron and after getting used to it I am seriously considering buying a couple to replace my 4 & 5 iron, (which I would use a bunch). I am going to get a lesson in the next couple of weeks from a guy I really trust before I pull the trigger on the Bafflers. If he can straighten me out a bit I may hold off and try to fine tune my swing. I don't know what your trouble is with your long irons ...but I constantly hook mine. I read a post earlier from a guy who stated that you should hit your long ir
  11. Ditto on the above. I would highly trust the Ping fitters to not stear your brother-in-law in the wrong direction.
  12. I could not disagree with you more buddy. I love golf and we do have to interact with the critters on the course and yes sometimes they are a nuisance....but what this guy did was absolutely stupid. If this were an accident that would be a totally different matter but, I read the article as I'm sure you did and he took numerous shots at this bird for craps and giggles. He deserves to be fined for the violation. We have game laws on the books for a reason and they need to be respected. Yes there is more serious crime in this country no doubt but, this idiot did this in front of an entir
  13. I recently switched from Lamkin torsion control to Gripmaster perforated. These grips are tacky and wear like iron. :)
  14. Take a serious look at Gripmaster. I recently put a leather pistol grip on my circa and I love it. I also ordered new leather perf. wrap grips for the rest of my set. They are tacky and wear like iron. Good luck in your search.
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