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  1. I've never played PXG on the course but I have hit the 6 iron. When I went to get fit for my Mirua's I hit both the 311 and the 311t. I didn't like the size of the 311 but hit probably 20 balls with the 311t. I brought a 714 AP2 6 iron to compare it against. Hit both the 714 and the 311t with a project x 6.5 shaft. I didn't see any appreciable difference in terms of distance or dispersion between the 714 and 311t. I think I hit both of them about 185. No real difference in spin rate or dispersion. Including the outliers, I hit the 714 marginally straighter. So I didn't end up buying the 311t.
  2. I'm an equipment junkie and like to look at all the new clubs/clubs I've never seen before.
  3. I have a set of the MB-001. It's a pretty standard blade. Not really much different in terms of shape or size of a standard blade. What really attracted me to Miura was two things: 1. The feel and 2. The level of care that Miura and their reps take to make sure everything is perfect. The heads themselves, the swing weights, lengths, lofts, and lies are all spot on. I would say the MB-001 is probably the most popular one, or at least what I've seen the most out of their blades.
  4. I was using a 913 D3. Tested it versus the M1. I hit the M1 consistently 10 yards further.. sometimes even more. I was shocked.
  5. I love my T-MB 4 iron. I didnt like the 712u. The UDI was fine. My preference would be the T-MB.
  6. Hello Golfwrx'ers, Two things for sale today. If you have any questions or would like more pictures please let me know. US only please. Also, please message me offers. Cash is king but open to trades. Thanks! 1. Titleist 714 AP2/CB combos. 3-PW. SOLD!!! CB's face. Order (left to right): 8, 9, W AP2. Order (left to right):5, 6, 7 AP2 3,4 iron. 2. Mizuno MP-33. Bought these off another golfwrx'er. Standard lie. Standard loft. True Temper Dynamic Gold X-100 shafts. The four iron is slightly different looking than the 5-PW. My understanding is that the former owner tried to sanitize the iron and it changed the look/finish of it. Does not effect playability in any way. Asking $160 obo.
  7. I've hit a few Mizunos and own the MP-33's. I think the MP-4's are the best blades that Mizuno has made... better than the new MP-5's even.
  8. Bellum Winmore Cloverdale http://www.bellumwinmore.com/products/cloverdale
  9. Ive been fit at turning stone before. They do a nice job. Have basically every head/shaft you could imagine for you to try. When I went to get fit for my previous set of irons I was there for about 3 hours. They waive the fitting fee if you buy the clubs from them. They do as good of a job as any other fitter I've been to. They dont try and sell you on a brand, just whatever works best for you. Depending on how much you spend you get free rounds of golf at their courses. The courses are great. I bought a set of 714 AP2's and got two rounds of golf at Atunyote which is always in great shape and used to host a PGA tour event.
  10. Bellum Winmore! Just bought my putter for $199.
  11. Ive hit the 910/913/915 hybrids. I prefer the 915. I think its a little more forgiving and I hit it a few yards longer. They 913 and 915 sound different. The only thing I don't like about the 915 is the slot the put in the bottom of it. Its a pain to have to pick the grass out of it with a tee.
  12. The best putter I've ever hit came in the mail today from Bellum Winmore. I got a chance to play a round with it today (70's in central New York!). This thing is the real deal! It's so soft and deep milled. Also 365 grams but with the grip Tim put on it the putter feels perfectly balanced. On the bright side, it's under $200... So I can buy four more!l
  13. I've hit the 311t vs the 714 ap2 6 irons...what I was gaming at the time. Same shafts --project x6.5 -- which is the shaft I've always tested the best with. Had almost identical numbers in terms of ball speed/spin/launch angles/ distance. Felt fine but didn't seen an appreciable difference. Ended up buying miura's instead.
  14. Sorry for the late response. I just bought a DST Compressor three weeks ago. I started going to the range and just hitting it (off mats). It probably took me 20 minutes to get it airborne. I struggle with sliding through the ball. Once I got the hang of it (and changed a few things) it has been phenomenal. I got the feel down and I'm hitting the ball better than I ever have. If you struggle with sliding/not getting the hands out in front of you, then it is amazing. However, you'll have to figure out a way to hit it either through lessons or trying new things until you start compressing it. I would recommend it if you need help with what it is supposed to be used for.
  15. He went with: 913 D3 Titleist Driver 910 F.d Titleist 3 wood 910 H Titleist18 Hybrid 4-PW Mizuno MP 4 irons Vokey Wedges Scotty Cameron X5
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