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  1. I remember watching Hunter and Ricky Barnes compete in the US Amateur at Oakland Hills. What a show. Always seemed like an unassuming, decent guy to me. A lot of guys succumb to injuries. Not sure if that is Hunter’s problem, though. Hope he returns to prime form soon.
  2. Pin short enough on 15? Any shorter it would be in the pond. Lol.
  3. Spot on, again. I think both IBF and Koch are fine, though. Seems many loved or hated Johnny Miller; I thought he was the best, trap draw and all.
  4. The question is: Who is the perfect announcer/analyst?
  5. Viewership will go way up with Phil there, at least initially.
  6. I walked this course (TPC Boston) some years back. Hard to believe how many guys tore it up. And DJ, dang, 30 under? Wow.
  7. Lol. Wow. Phil the Thrill on the Champions Tour. I must be getting old.
  8. Everything. Better, uncluttered look, feel, easier to navigate, snappier. Well played.
  9. I would say it depends. My league course initially had foam around the stick. The ball couldn’t drop at all, so anything that even grazed the foam was called good. Now the foam is gone but the sticks stay in, no option. Before, with the option to take the stick out, there was no question. If you opted to leave the stick in and it didn’t drop that’s the way it goes. Now it’s a bummer if it doesn’t drop, but it’s no good. The thing is, everyone has to deal with it. The playing field is level.
  10. Congratulations, Collin! Awesome finish shooting 65, 64 on the weekend over some of the best in the game and on a tough course and some tough conditions. The eagle on 16: what champions do!
  11. Brooks Koepka, Justin Rose, Dustin Johnson, Jason Day, Tommy Fleetwood, Paul Casey. Strong board here. No disrespect to Daniel Berger, Xander Schaufele, Alex Noren, Tony Finau, etc., as there could be an outstanding two days of golf from any of them including Li and Lorenzo-Vera. Should be some great golf today!
  12. Xander, Tommy, Tony right there. JDay and Brooks. Early yet, but the board is shaping up nicely.
  13. Watching DeChambeau crush drives on the range right now. 190mph ball speed.
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