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  1. Trying… I made a copy and edited it to turn upside down. Here it goes…. — No, it’s still upside down. I cancelled it out before posting. Bizarre. I’m using an iPad.
  2. I’ll try now. Nope. Still upside down.
  3. I’ll try now. Nope. Still upside down.
  4. Please don’t change that.
  5. I’m gaining weight just reading this thread. I just don’t eat well enough. Looks delicious!
  6. While an imperfect scoring system, it’s worth noting that all competitors “win” just by making it this far. Second place wins 5 mil, fifth place 2.5 mil, 10th place 850k. Baby needs new shoes.
  7. RIP, Ben Wright, one of the great voices of golf.
  8. Hear, hear. Well stated. Absolutely awesome show.
  9. Just a great playoff. Wow. Both players were amazing, but I have to say the pen (putter) was mightier than the sword (driver) today. Congrats, Patrick!
  10. Yeah, I get this. Nevertheless, not too many people can handle tour level competition and all that comes with it like it’s a Sunday round with your buds. Lots of folks and their families depending on your individual success on a daily basis, all in front of the press. Just sayin’.
  11. dcfas

    Gary McCord

    Tough crowd, here. I always felt I could deal with some quirky humor during a lengthy round of televised golf. There was some interplay among serious discussion and banter. Now what do we have? No offense to Zinger, either. He’s doing fine.
  12. dcfas

    U.S Amateur

    Congrats to Piot. Great match. Oakmont greens seemed awfully slick.
  13. Great stories here. It might be easier to pick your best shots for each club. If I had to pick one it is a 7 iron shot out of the woods. I’m talking real woods with knee deep brush, shrubs, and too many trees to count. I had no business shooting for a window up in the trees but I figured what the heck, chipping out is a bummer and might not even make it to the fairway. I think I may have actually shut my eyes through impact. Flushed it. I ran out to the fairway to find the ball two feet from the pin. Mostly luck, but I’ll never forget it.
  14. There are so many over the years. I’ve met and spoken to Lee Trevino, VJ, Bill Parcells all on separate occasions but the most memorable guy I’ve ever played with was an old school golfer who used to play “the loop” at our local muni each Sunday morning. This guy was in his 60s when I was probably about 22 or 23. The loop was a decades long money match, and was still a thing until recently. I’ve moved and haven’t been involved in years. The old school golfer played cross handed and could bend the ball like I’ve never seen before or since. The only person even close that comes to mind is Bubba. He hit everything low, though, and included his own rambling commentary for just about every shot, and your shots too, usually laughing or chuckling. One of the stories surrounding this guy was that he once broke par with a four iron. Local legend.
  15. dcfas

    U.S Amateur

    Congratulations to Austin Greaser and James Piot who advance tomorrow to the final match to bring home the Havemeyer Trophy. Very impressive skills displayed today under serious pressure at historic Oakmont. Really enjoyed the last hour or so of televised coverage and looking forward to seeing it tomorrow.
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