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  1. Dude swings for the hills.
  2. Byron’s stroke average that year was not matched or beaten for 55 years. Guess who broke that record in 2000 with 68.17? BTW, The reference was to compare/contrast Rory’s great record with perhaps Tiger’s. My point is that there have been other great seasons and careers, of course. Phil Mickelson also comes to mind. Threatened but did not win majors until end of 2003 (17 top-ten finishes, and six second- or third-place finishes between 1999 and 2003). Then a trophy case full of major wins in the next six years. I’m guessing Rory will win more majors. IMHO.
  3. Byron Nelson comes to mind in 1945. 18 wins, 11 in a row, 68.33 stroke ave. Regarding Rory, plenty of great players have seasons they don’t dominate. Most often they return to winning form. They are great for this reason.
  4. 50* 100-110 52* 90-100 56* <90 This year I’m going to try what Monty and others have suggested in using more club, less swing. I have always figured a full swing is easier than less than a full swing, but with a method like the clock visualization it shouldn’t be too hard to dial it in. I hit the ball high. Would like to lower trajectory.
  5. I get why people do not approve, but in Rickie’s defense he has been a positive force in growing the game imho. If the passes were to become a pattern that would be too bad, but an invite here seems okay to me.
  6. Knowing what he has accomplished whenever I find DD in the booth I listen to what he has to say. I also like Leonard, mostly because he seems to have developed a self-effacing, humorous tone that I appreciate. I’m also okay with both Azinger and Chamblee. But then again, I think Johnny Miller was the best and miss him.
  7. Have to wonder what kind of Wheaties he’s been eating. This may have been discussed, but anyone know what he has found?
  8. Saratoga Springs is an amazing place. I live 30 minutes south currently, but used to live near the lake. You could have a great day of golf, go to one of about 100 restaurants within a five mile radius for an awesome meal, then plan on attending the flat track to bet on the ponies the next day. Saratoga National, the Saratoga Spa course, and the Lake course are all within about 10 minutes drive.
  9. I’ve tried those golfballs. Maybe a promo from wrx a couple years back?
  10. I wonder what ANGC would do if Gary tells them if his son isn’t welcome then he won’t come either. Seems unlikely, but still.
  11. Anything can happen come second nine on Sunday at Augusta National. I actually like all these guys in the running, including Hideki. Lots of good stories. Really looking forward to it!
  12. Yeah, I actually was reading up on the cabins and anything else I could find in from the app. Interesting history.
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