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  1. Lol. Yeah, me too. But I’m pretty good with landscaping and really enjoy it. If I had a billion I would design a course and build it. I would simply hire architects to draw what I envision and make sure it is feasible. But architecture in general seems to me to be an interesting career.
  2. Seems you already have made marked improvements.
  3. I was just trying to look up what his score was before WD, thanks. He just blew everyone away. So unfortunate this happened. I”ll add he put out a dignified response.
  4. This will be a golf memory for this year of COVID. Hats off to Rahm for a spectacular three rounds at The Memorial.
  5. Faldo making good point about breaking the news to Rahm on the back of the 18th. I guess we will hear from Jack, too.
  6. Wow. This is so unfortunate. Just awesome golf today.
  7. Do they have to blow the cicadas off of the greens?
  8. dcfas


    So many good points here. I was wondering where Phil now places in your estimation. This win elevates him for a number of reasons, including total of majors. But mainly due to his age, oldest to win a major ever, he may have earned a slot or two higher on the list of greats.
  9. How can you beat these guys? Three musicians; mountain of talent. RIP Neil Peart.
  10. dcfas


    It definitely gets tougher post 2000 after #s 1 and 2. I don’t think Singh gets the props he deserves (I would put VJ #3). Part of the challenge is that it’s hard to judge without spanning a longer career for the more current crop of players, of course. But Phil, yeah. He’s right there after the man.
  11. dcfas


    I hear you. But I’m kind of partial to Snead too.
  12. dcfas


    Seems like we should have a list for post 2000 golf. Top ten.
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