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  1. I heard on one of the news stations this morning there were no skid marks on the road. To me it seems likely he fell asleep at the wheel.
  2. Maybe he fell asleep. Whatever happened I hope his injuries aren’t too serious. Get well soon, TW.
  3. I have to admit I did a double-take myself. Dang, Apps looks like me in morning after a very, very hard night.
  4. I was going to ask about this. Are they simply TMs? Or something more special that are super soft?
  5. I believe there was a post after Winged Foot last year that caught my attention. A poster suggested creating a ball that will not fly farther than 300 yards. The ball will perform exactly the same as a current ball up to a certain speed, then no more. 300 yards seems to be a reasonable number. Apologies to the poster whose name/tag I cannot recall.
  6. I appreciate the fact you didn’t use the S-word.
  7. Ouch. For me it’s usually chilli dipping a wedge 20’ after striping the longest straightest drive of my day.
  8. I’ve experimented with hooding the club to keep it down. Often wondered about clubbing up. Will give it a try; thanks for the tip.
  9. Congrats to DJ. That was some impressive golf. T ball was unbelievable.
  10. I had a series of short game lessons years ago that included putting. Keys were to stay low with the putter head, hold the follow through, and, iirc, try to impart a hook spin on the roll. For distance, Phil Mickelson has a video out there in which he takes the smallest amount of backswing and the most fore swing to make a putt. I tried that for a while and it worked for me. At this point I try to putt with my shoulders, letting my arms flow a bit. The post above seems like good advice @Soloman1
  11. Currently an 8hc. Until the 2000’s we would guesstimate our distances by course distance shrubs or plates in the fairway. I once used to swing like JT, in that I came off the deck. Literally swung so hard my feet came off the ground. Much of that time my driver was a crappy Northwestern persimmon with a concave, smashed up face. Since then, even with the newest technology, I’ve lost close to 40 yards off the tee, about 10-15 yards with irons. I’d add also that I swing at about 75-80%. I’m most concerned with accuracy. The thing is I can still bench 200lbs and am fit. Just cannot pus
  12. Yes. Getting the Norton and Adobe pop ups, as well as others.
  13. Disagree with Fitzpatrick. I don’t love Bryson’s game, but I da*n well respect what he has achieved. No way the body can hold up at that speed, so he’s striking a Faustian deal, though. The question is for how long can he dominate? Time will tell, as it always does. In the meantime there will be others to challenge, as always. I do expect the golfing bodies will try to address the situation. It will be interesting when the rulings come down the pike. My 2 cents.
  14. dcfas

    Masters Favorite

    I agree JT or Morikawa. Also add Schauffele. Would love to see an old timer in contention, though. Like Els or Boom Boom. Dare I say El Tigre?
  15. Someone suggested growing rough really high 300 yds out. Thought that was an interesting idea. I think there could be other creative ways to make adjustments for big tournaments other than rolling the tech back on balls and equipment. No easy answers.
  16. dcfas

    2020 US Open

    Reed tough with very high stats in both scrambling (2nd) and putting. Hideki and Wolff look impressive, too, today.
  17. 2021 Masters Tickets Selection We have completed the selection process for 2021 Practice Rounds and Daily Tournament tickets and regret your application was not selected for tickets. Be sure to visit masters.com in June 2021 for details regarding the ticket application process for the 2022 Masters. Thank you for your continued interest in the Masters. Sincerely, Credentials Committee Masters Tournament yet, again
  18. I remember watching Hunter and Ricky Barnes compete in the US Amateur at Oakland Hills. What a show. Always seemed like an unassuming, decent guy to me. A lot of guys succumb to injuries. Not sure if that is Hunter’s problem, though. Hope he returns to prime form soon.
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