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  1. Another convert to the Golf Pride Pro Only Corded - Green. I’ve been in search of the right grip for years. I typically go in my local shop once a week and spend some time in the used section due to the variety of aftermarket grips. I felt it filled my hands a bit better and I love the corded texture, especially with this humid Memphis climate. I ordered 4 extra from Dick’s because grips can be tough to find in stock right now.
  2. The pics tell the story: 1) Fujikura Ventus Velocore Blue 7X, 42.5” with a TM tip installed. Barely used GP MCC 4+ installed. I took a close up picture to get an idea of tipping. $OLD shipped OBO. 2) Graphite Design AD TP 6-S, 43.75” with a TM tip installed. Barely used GP CC wrap midsize. $OLD shipped OBO. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!
  3. Titleist TSi3 10* TM Sim2 Ti 3 wood (15*) TM Sim Max 5 wood (18*) Callaway Epic Max Heavenwood (20*) Adding the 7 wood led to my first even par round of the year…a tidy 39-33. No reason to carry a 4 iron anymore.
  4. I was on the fence between the Grandsport and the Supernova but I just enjoyed the stability of the Supernova a bit better. One thing I will say is check out the grips when/if you try them. 3 of the 8 my local shop had were twisted badly but YMMV.
  5. Just bought a Cobra 3D printed Supernova. I’m pretty excited to give it a roll tomorrow.
  6. I’ve tried everything. I actually have a SIM Max 5 wood in the bag. I prefer the Ti version in the 3, and it’s really easy to launch from the fairway. I had the G425 LST 3 wood earlier this year but the SIM2 Ti was just so much better all around once for my swing I compared them.
  7. 8 handicap, SIM2 15* with a Ventus Velecore Blue 7X. Pretty much the closest thing to driver off the deck I’ve ever had in the bag.
  8. I tried a Midlock today at my local shop. I have decent directional control but zero speed control with this thing. For what it’s worth, I found this a little easier than the WristLock grip.
  9. ThomasM

    2 ball ten

    I played 9 holes on Thursday evening and the stock grip bugged me a bit. I think it was just too round for my liking on the underside. I had it regripped with a SuperStroke Pistol GT 2.0(the slightly thicker version of the stock TaylorMade Spider X grip). It feels much more firm than the Spider X. I missed a few short putts that I firmed through breaks so it’ll take some time to adjust but the alignment aids are hard to beat.
  10. The COTM fairway arrived today. I was hoping for the driver because that Sticker Driver is looking really rough now
  11. I’d say yearly haha. I buy and sell clubs all the time but I tend to hold on to my putters unless they are just not for me at all. I had a good run with the Spider X most of last year but I’m rolling the dice with the 2 Ball Ten for the next month.
  12. ThomasM

    2 ball ten

    I picked up one today(34”, oversized grip). I really like my MySpider X but this just felt really solid in terms of alignment and feel on the practice green in my local shop. Just a word of caution, I found a few that sat WIDE open as I was narrowing down my purchase.
  13. Picked this up today. I really like the MySpider X but I thought I’d give this a try for a bit. Extremely easy to line up and the face is just a little firmer IMO.
  14. I was quite lucky to pick it up for $150 shipped
  15. only 3 at this very second. Driver (Titleist) 3 & 5 woods (TaylorMade) 4-PW (Mizuno) G, S, L wedges (Titleist) Putter (TaylorMade)
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