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  1. Define good. What is good to some may not even crack the top ten for others. I have been playing for nearly 47 years and have shot sub par rounds a number of times. Currently I am 60, and have reverted to playing in a Friday mens league but it is very disheartening when you have a 19 capper shooting 3 over on the back nine and wiping up the rest of the group. These days I play for the fun of it. When you are playing with mid to high cappers a guy shooting 3 or 4 over for 18 is a good golfer. So to me it is all relative.
  2. Sucher had some really bad breaks. This is where a caddy earns their keep. Instead of trying to hit the hero shot, take your medicine and live for another hole. 10-12 ended his tournament as far as winning but if he is mentally tough he can come back and stay in the top 5 with a solid round.
  3. AT&T Pro AM, what a crock. I understand that someone has to win, but, when does a 13 HCP shoot 15 under on a course set up for a professional tournament. HCP are a potential of your capabilities. How does an AM shoot that far below their HCP. SANDBAGGER mean anything?
  4. I think that is why there are DEMO days. I am with the rest, it probably would be fun to do though.
  5. To play with someone like this on happenstance is rare. As one post indicated, most of these guys are playing money games. My best, years and years ago was 9 under Par taking my 10 best out of the last 20. I got down to scratch. I do not pound the ball but keep it in play and I have a fairly good short game. I have played with and followed guys that have played on tour and were club pros. They make my game look sick
  6. Balls in the fairway that come to rest in a sand filled divot should be a free drop from ground under repair. I wonder why they did not make that change? It is very unfair to penalize someone that hit the ball where you wanted them to hit it. In the fairway! :slow_en:
  7. well, I am sorry for all of your locations. Here, we have had some cold days too. All the way down to 50 degrees I have been living in SW Florida for the past 20 years to golf life is good. I lived in Germany for 8 years. We were able to play in the winter months at times. The Heildelberg GC would put three holes in the green and after you played the hole you moved the pin to the next hold in the rotation. Global warming my butt.
  8. I told myself a long time ago that if I ever shot in the 90's, I would quit the game. 30 years ago, I got close Playing in Panama, in a tournament, I shot 54 on the front and 34 on the back. I was playing Tin Cup on the front side.
  9. One that has lasted for 37 years, just a very expensive hobby.
  10. My daughter is taking my spouse and I on a tour to Scotland. The tours have free time, I am going to start in Glasgow and end in Edinburg. Heading north then to the south. Question I have if I want to run into the clubs along the way to pick up a keepsake or two, are most of these places private courses or public?
  11. Normally I am the youngster in any group I get in and I am 60. That being said, ready golf is the key for any round. Honors, yeah they are nice but not worth slowing down the round.
  12. I think you are totally at fault. I do not see where you made any attempts at therapy or even trying in this relationship.
  13. MUUUHHHAAAAHAAAA Cold weather, we don't do no stinkin cold weather. Woke up to a cold 48 and by the time we finished 18 it as 70 degrees. AHHHH SW Florida, this is the time of year I get to laugh at my brother in N. Wisconsin.
  14. Not even close. I have not read any comments in this thread. Most expensive hobby: TRY MARRIAGE.
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