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  1. So I have been struggling for a while now with hitting my wedges which are Callaway MD4 Raw. Before these, I struggled with Titleist SM6 with only average success like I do with the Callaway's. Whether it is a full shot, chips, flops, bumps, cuts, whatever, these 3 sticks in my bag are my biggest frustration when playing. I am an average player which normally scores between 80-85 consistently which I know I can shave at least 6 strokes if I can hit wedges. No matter how much practice or videos I watch to find that magic something, I just cant get these to work like the vision in my head while matching execution. I drive the ball well, and my iron game has never been better to be honest. I have a steeper angle of attack due to the fact that I am self taught and been playing for 30 years my way as well as I'm 6'3 with shorter arms with a sleeve length of 33. Anyways I went out today to practice at my local club here in Scottsdale but before I left, I went over to my bag area, which I have 5 bags and just a bunch of clubs I've kept thru the years. I noticed a couple of old MacGregor VIP wedges from I don't know when. They were mine so specs were good to go. What the hell, I yanked the Callaway's, dropped them into the bag and drove over. Started out with irons then sheepishly, and I'm not kidding I have anxiety hitting wedges, pulled my 56. First shot was like hitting a marshmallow. Soft, yet picked perfectly and I murmured to myself, WTH. Hit another, and same result, perfect floating high flight with a soft cut of maybe 3 yards. Getting to the end, I must have hit another hour with this 56 and 60 VIP wedge. I hit almost every shot exactly how I wanted to. Distance, low, high, anything. This was the first time in years I was able to do what I wanted to. I was floored. Anyways as you can see these wedges have seen better days and want to get fit for wedges that feel like these VIP's. All the new ones I own like Titleist and Callaway just don't feel anything like these MacGregor's. Any suggestions on wedges on the market that are like these in performance? These are staying in the interim but are beat from the kids hitting rocks in the backyard with them. Anyways thank you for your input.
  2. I thought HotStix did fittings at Greyhawk as well? Much better range and practice facilities and if you stuck around, MUCH better course.
  3. Received mine 2 days after ordering it near two weeks ago and it's still perfect. No issues at all...yet?
  4. I play Pure Midsized in white. Had them a year and they look near new. Best grips on the market in my opinion. Good luck.
  5. 45 years young and SS between 113-118 and I had it tipped 1/2" in my M2. Just perfect! I have an aggressive transition so it just works. Driving range today was perfect. It is a tad lower than my Veylix Rome 688 but feel is different as well.
  6. Clubs are in signature below. Occupation is food. Own 5 restaurants and hope to have 8 more by 2017!
  7. SD is nice and always in great shape but I hate the area its in (cow farms) and the drive sucks! I would do Papago which is is good shape then Longbow in the afternoon. Just my .02
  8. I have this driver(J715) tag teaming with a Cally DBD. These two are the lowest spinning for me this year which I have tested all new drivers on the market. DBD is shafted with a Motore 7.2 TS x Flex and the 715 is witha Fubuki ZT 70 in x flex. I find the Bridgestone to be the most consistent as well.
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