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  1. My friend lost a 9 iron from a brand new set of MP-69 he had just bought. He lost it on course in LA. He was searching for one ebay to replace. He found a newish looking one on ebay from a seller in the San Francisco area. What luck he thought. When he received his club, the serial number matched his set. LOL. I didn't follow up on how he dealt with it at the end but i thought i would share this extraordinary luck or bad luck story.
  2. Cleveland 588 Gunmetal RTG Sandwedge with DGS400 shaft ...price is $80 shipped. - Club in excellent shape! - Zip groove milled face - Raw Tour Grind (RTG) with gunmetal....rare.
  3. > @kush614 said: > USPS pricing has gotten ridiculous lately. They wanted $78 to ship a stand bag (5 lbs) from Ohio to Vegas. The box was 36x10x10. Fedex for the same bag and only 1 day longer transit cost me $24. Definitely agree with those that say FedEx for anything other than a single club. its just USPS nice way of saying we don't want to ship big, heavy, obtuse size boxes. the pricing has been that way for a while. when its big, you go with fedex or UPS. when package is manageable and weighs 2 lbs or less, USPS Priority is the best.
  4. > @"A.Princey" said: > Nothing better than Uncle Sam taxing used goods as they change hands time after time after time. Eventually, enough taxes will be collected to pay for the item brand new. Ridiculous. isn't it ridiculous? i live in a state where buying off ebay comes with a sales tax. so unfair to buy used goods from a private party and get taxed.
  5. have you been leaving your golf gear in hot trunk of your car?
  6. > @Exactice808 said: > jsixman wrote: > > > > The only shaft that resembles the modus 120 S or X, IMHO, is dynamic gold S300 or X100. Both great shafts. No hate for dynamic gold here. > > > jsixman wrote: > > > > The only shaft that resembles the modus 120 S or X, IMHO, is dynamic gold S300 or X100. Both great shafts. No hate for dynamic gold here. > > > > > Modus are simply great as well. Aim and fire. > > > > > > > > > Interesting, as I feel they a
  7. > @rpmaroon said: > Just got these back from Baltimore Golf Inc! > > > > Yururi 2010 3-PW Modus3 Tour 130X SST PURE IOMIC 2.3 Standard i just jizzed
  8. > @serpriv said: > > > > Recently acquired Mizuno ms-201 and haruo yasuda irons. The satin finish really looks nice to me. sweet looking clubs! i second that satin finish looks nice! i can't stand chrome.
  9. > @BB28403 said: > > @St_HoselRocket said: > > I got caught in the rain playing the other day and noticed that my old rain jacket and pants need to be retired! Anyone seen any great deals on jackets and pants, don't have to match out there? Seems like the only cheaper prices I see are for stuff I don't think I trust to keep my dry for 18 holes. Thanks! > > Maybe their scotch guard wore off? Try spraying them with a $5 Can from Wal Mart first . don't waste time and money on this. you would have to spray heavily and heavily just to see partial effectiveness (maybe 5%
  10. i love the BB. feels silky and luxurious. the leather grip it come stock with feels exotic too. i just have a hard time having to care for one in the bag.
  11. i haven't been on Golfwrx for awhile. is the feedback system gone? i have been trying to look for it. this site has become very hard to navigate around.....quite confusing. or lets just say requires more work to navigate the site that before.
  12. don't forget ebay charges tax on every deal.
  13. Fourteen TC 550 5-PW (heads only.....6 heads total) - Excellent shape.....grooves are sharp - scuff on 8 iron head (i provided extra pics showing my fingers with the 8 iron head) its not as bad as the pic looks if you saw it live.
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