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  1. 1- driver to putter all Ping
  2. in case you wanted to stock up.... https://www.ebay.com/itm/5-New-True-Temper-Dynamic-Gold-X100-Driver-Fairway-Wood-Steel-Shafts-46-335/273825932963?hash=item3fc14c26a3:g:sJMAAOSwV9RcxoKG
  3. You could cut 2-3 slits into the tips of .370 shafts with a dremel. There's a few threads on here about doing it. You will get a mix of responses. I've tried a couple irons and haven't had any issues. I haven't seen the taper tip version of the FST's stocked anywhere.
  4. Some lefty Nike love..No sure how much game time these will get...but they sure look sweet
  5. I've had the UST one before..felt nice. Maybe try a heavy weight graphite shaft? I tried once with an old Fuji speeder 757 that i sanded the tip down to fit a plumber neck putter. Seem to work just fine....
  6. Had a set of Titleist 690cb's rawed last year. I haven't noticed much, if any, difference in feel or performance. They look way better though. lost about 2-3 grams in head weight
  7. i tried this exact experiment last year. I put a single bend onto a 2ball head. I can't say what the angle was..but i recall trimming the single bend almost to start of the bend. Putter sat way too flat (lie angle) otherwise.
  8. 3HL here as well. As other have stated, it's pretty long. Was a good fairway finder for me, since I struggled off the tee this year. Actually picked up a Aeroburner mini driver late in the season, but didn't have a chance to hit it before the season ended.
  9. Assuming that the Blue (original blue colour?) is installed as a full bore-thru, the tip will be over-prepped for most non-adjustable heads. You can tip the shaft a little, but that'll make the shaft play slightly stiffer flex
  10. Just bought a set of Callaway x-12's..from 1998? Put some new grips on and now they look good to go. Gotta wait till the weekend to see how they'll perform.
  11. Up for grabs, A set of Maxfli Revolution black dots 3-pw (heads only). Heads take .370 tip shafts. Good shape considering their age. Some bag chatter, PW being the worst. Faces in very good shape, not much wear. Asking $80 USD shipped within Canada and Cont. U.S via Fedex ground. I have the original DG s300 shafts for the heads. Ferrules intact, and still usable. Original grips (tour velvet wraps) on their last legs. Clubs would play off a 38" 5-iron. Can include these for an extra $40 USD
  12. thanks for all the replies so far.Gonna look into the taki mac and pure ones for sure. I gave the lamkins a scrub down yesterday , after installing them and was surprised how good they still felt after being boxed up for almost a decade at least. Not dry or cracked at all.
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