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  1. Welcome to the club! My winter project has been building wedges to try old grooves. I bought Vokey 8620 raw wedges in 52.08,56.14, and 60.06. I initiated my 9 year old daughter into the world of club building by having her epoxy the clubheads on the shafts after installing ferrules. I stripped the rust so that we can experiment with paintfill. I have gone through most major brands and have found a set that works, so these will be the practice wedges that live in the trunk to extend the life of my current wedges. Make sure you try some glare reducing raw wedges while on your journey. The
  2. Rusty 588 RTG and Oilcan/Raw Vokeys. Stamp them, paint them, and wait for soggy winter weather to end.
  3. Winter is good for the annual tinkering. Luckily, I end up switching things that make minimal impact on scoring. Last year it was trying hybrids. The hybrid and utility iron get swapped out based on weather. This winter my project is building up old raw wedges to see if I can use a low bounce lob for winter rounds if Virginia ever dries out. If I play more in'21, I would most likely default to current wedges. This mostly gives me a golf activity to occupy that part of my brain when I am bouncing off the walls.
  4. I carry 712MBs. I bought them 4-p secondhand. I benched the 4 for a 712U 3 iron. It gets the job done for long par 3s, but is sneaky good for bump and runs. Nothing beats watching the look on your competitors face after you putt it closer with a 3 iron then they can with a high risk wedge!
  5. 712mbs with dgx100s, so maybe not quite that old, but some of the best feeling irons I have ever used. They were an upgrade from mp57s with project x 5.5s. I played a combo set of 850 forged and mp15s as a mizuno brand ambassador, but I dont see myself ever buying any forgiving irons loaded with tech.
  6. I have played the full spectrum of courses and found that the only vile thing in common is slow pace of play. I love a cold beer when riding, but also like walking early or late solo rounds. I have fun taking my wife to ride along so we can work on our covid19 project for youtube pertaining to a more relatable version of golf. I have had my 3 year old and 8 year old out for 9 holes, so it is great that certain courses are family oriented. I am a military brat, so deep in my wiring is a level of comfort with rules, dress codes, and etiquette. I like the quiet of golf, so I would rather not
  7. Buy the most foregiving clubs you can stand looking at if you want to shoot your lowest scores. That is the mantra of every fitter and rep I have heard. I have played foregiving clubs and currently have mbs in the bag. I am not an elite ball striker, but I like the way they look and feel. From the 7 iron down I'd say you won't see much difference. Buy shiny nice toys and enjoy them. The good shots feel better, and mentally you feel confident looking at them.
  8. I picked up my current irons preowned to try the x100 shafts 712mbs, in a 4-p set. The first thing I did was place the 4 iron in the closet. I shafted up a 712U 3 iron to live in the bag as the longest iron. It is my chickenstick and useful for mishitting long par 3s that would require a level of ballstriking I don't posses. I have tried a couple hybrids but never felt comfortable at address, and they have cost me more strokes than saved. Without regular play and practice, the 200 yard approach is unrealistic for me to have great expectations for, and something I saw most players chase to
  9. Hole 3 at Glenwood Golf Club and I had never gotten along off the tee box. Straight ahead par 5 with ob down entire left side with a boundary defining fence. Yesterday I hit a draw with my three wood that finally started out right and bounded into left center of the fairway without flirting with the left side. Nice to add a positive memory to fall back on if I ever play it again.
  10. I thought that putting a likeness of the flag on something intended to be on the ground was against best practices...?
  11. Rocketballz. It is hard to take yourself too seriously when you pipe your approach on a par 5 with a club that sounds like a middleschooler won a bet against his Dad in marketing so he had to pitch that name to a boardroom. I still get a laugh thinking about the commercial during its release. I have the tour 3 and 5 in the shed waiting for some whiteboards to come my way so that they can get back in the bag.
  12. TEI3 Newport. I considered pulling the trigger, but I have a Rife Aruba and a Circa 62 in the bag. Having 3 of essentially the same head seems a bit much, but ifcI find the right one one day...
  13. I was bummed at first, but then thought about the holes they are removing. It will be a better use of the space and promote a better pace of play. 1-4 were a tough stretch, and 5 was tge toughest par 4 in Richmond. I like the access to a short game practice area that it will provide. If anything, it will help Henrico foster junior golf in a similar way the first tee short course in Richmond has provided.
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